OAF Customization

This tool eliminates the need for costly E-Business Suite Customizations. You can easily augment Oracle EBS User Experience and Capabilities. The tool offers OAF and Forms Dynamic conditions based Augmentations, which is a clear differentiator compared with native Personalization available in EBS. Net new screens can be designed and configured rapidly without any programming. The Chain-Sys Development Platform, provided with appAUGMENTER enables the above capability. Existing screens can be extended. You can establish preventive controls for GRC, bring about better user experience and change background skin to match your enterprise's colors and style. All augmentations done can be exported and imported into a different instance of EBS. The tool's administrative capabilities include selectively enabling and disabling augmentations and also to turn on/off all augmentations.

Oracle EBS Customization

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Oracle Form Personalization

Why Personalize?

Organizations need to modify User Interfaces (UI) in their ERP Environments:

All business logic remains within the appAUGMENTER™ database and has no dependency on the Base Controller Logic. Augmentations are not lost if the implementation of the existing Base Controller is changed.

  Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

  Improving User Experience

  Business Process Improvement and Productivity

  Data Quality Management Strategies

Challenges with traditional Personalization and Extensions methods

Oracle EBS supports limited personalization and changes to the UI from within an OAF Page. These augmentations are not dynamic (condition based) and cannot be applied to multiple sub-levels; there is no provision for a ‘Zoom’ function or to convert Text Fields to List of Values (LOVs).

The OAF used in Oracle EBS R12 is metadata driven and provides extensible business logic capabilities. This allows for extension of the page controller to modify the business logic. Though Oracle’s OA Page Controller can be extended by using traditional programming methods for requirements beyond the scope of personalization, the downside is inability to survive upgrades or patches. Business logic for the Extended Controller is written in Java Class files, which may have potential dependency on the Base Controller logic and are often negatively impacted with systems changes.

The Right Tool

appAUGMENTER™ extends the existing Page Control by creating dynamic controller classes. The extended Controller is registered as a personalization in the Meta Data Service (MDS) to modify business logic without the need for programming. When the user makes a request from the browser, the tool simply invokes the Extended Controller from the MDS and the extension for that specific page is rendered as an HTML.

All business logic remains within the appAUGMENTER™ database and has no dependency on the Base Controller Logic. Augmentations are not lost if the implementation of the existing Base Controller is changed.

  Provides simple, rapid and cost effective mechanism
        to extend OAF Pages without touching native code

  Replace many customizations with Conditional Logic
        based augmentations

  Augmentations survive Patches and Upgrades

  Administration of all Augmentations (turn on/off etc.)

  Simple Migration of augmentations to a
        newer instance

  Rapid implementation of preventive GRC

  Establish DQM at the screen level

  Supports EBS modules including iProcurement,
         iExpense, iSupplier, self-service HR, Projects and eAM


Edit existing or create LOVs from static fields

Change fields to mandatory, non-editable, change case, disable based on user/role/group/other data field values

From any EBS screen, Zoom into EBS master data screens, third party applications, access info via web services or trigger data interfaces to other applications

  Dynamic Validations

  Launch Concurrent Jobs

  Disable OAF Field Areas

  Data Masking/Scrambling



This tool eliminates costly OAF page customizations, offering flexibility to make Oracle Applications meet your organization’s unique requirements.

A Gold mining company had unique requirements to extend OAF Pages in Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) module. They chose appAUGMENTER™ to provide a mechanism for deploying extensions, which simplified the management of complex Work Orders & Meter Readings. Without this tool, they would have been forced to manually verify each step, a time consuming and error prone process.
A global engineering firm needed to increase productivity and workflow in iExpenses. The goal was to introduce more dynamic interaction in EBS with individual business users by including tool-tips, error notifications and data entry validation. They avoided the costly and time consuming method of creating customized screens that requires extensive maintenance and regression testing with every patch or upgrade, and deployed appAUGMENTER™.
A large appliances manufacturer wanted to reduce on-going maintenance of OAF Pages while improving the user experience. The ability to execute concurrent programs was critical in their decision, as an alternative to programmed page extensions. appAUGMENTER™ eliminated the need for extensive custom coding.