Data interfacing tool for Oracle EBS or SAP

The appINTERFACE™ is a proven and successful productivity tool, that facilitates the exchange of data between external systems and Oracle E-Business Suite or SAP. Diverse applications can be interfaced with EBS or SAP using simple configurations inside appINTERFACE. Eliminates the need for extensive programming, expensive development platforms and adapters.

appINTERFACE orchestrates data exchanges using FTP Service, appLOAD Service or SOA Service. It is a web based product completely compatible with the cloud and is capable of accepting data from and delivering data to an unlimited number of source and target systems.

appINTERFACE supports data integrations in Batch, Asynchronous and Synchronous modes. It handles very large volume of data and complex business validations. Synchronous Integrations with data exchange in less than 3 seconds have been achieved.

  No programming needed

  Simple configurations

  Intuitive and easy to use

  250+ Configuravle Adapters

  Easy Scheduling

  Scalable Data Management

  Ready for Fusion Applications

  Data Cleansing

  Extensive Audits


  Available in SaaS, Cloud

  Java/J2EE Technology

  Immediate ROI

Batch Integration

  •     Integration of data is not real time
  •     Hign volume data
  •     Complex data manipulations
  •     Extract, Transform and Load
  •     Change data capture
  •     Audit trail
  •     Web services/SOA
  •     Cross References
  •     Reprocessing allowed
  •     Point to Point
  •     Simple Configurations

Asynchronous Integration

  •     Integration of data close to real time
  •     Medium volume data
  •     Medium complexity data manipulations
  •     Extract, Transform and Load
  •     Change data capture
  •     Database pooling and Database Streams
  •     Web services/SOA
  •     Audit trail
  •     Cross references
  •     Multiple Source and Multiple Target Systems
  •     Reprocessing Allowed
  •     Simple Configurations

Synchronous Integration

  •     Integration of data is real time
  •     Source transaction is posted only if the target system
        data is successfully posted.
  •     Extract, Transform and Load
  •     Web services/SOA
  •     Single transaction integrations
  •     No Reprocessing is allowed
  •     One Source and Multiple Target Sytems
  •     Audit trail
  •     Simple Configurations

appINTERFACE supports SQL Extractions which can be built using a wizard or through SQL queries. Databases successfully supported include Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Progress, Informix, Clipper, IBM AS/400, Ingres, IMS, MS Access, Sybase, Teradata, Unify etc.

More complicated extractions can be performed using PL/SQL procedures. This is applicable only for Oracle Databases.

appINTERFACE also supports extractions using Java Methods and Web services. It can process data from secure FTP servers. Some of the data formats supported includes XML, CSV, XLS, and XLSX. The product supports incremental data extraction using Audit Trails and Database Streams. (Change Data Capture)

appINTERFACE provides a powerful logical data transformation tool, capable of logically modifying existing data or creating data in predefined fields. For example, if a different general ledger account is used in the source system, appINTERFACE makes the necessary data transformation.

appINTERFACE includes a number of tools to support data cleansing. Data can be compared to locate duplicate records with alias key identifiers based on sound, key words (Levinstein Distance Method) and custom configured logical relationships.

All objects and attributes in the data mart are available for edit if needed.

An audit trail is created for all changes.

appINTERFACE provides ready to use Web Services for Inbound and Outbound Interfaces for Oracle E-Business Suite or SAP. These Web Services are highly secure and data is encrypted during transmission.

appINTERFACE will perform prevalidation of the data in the data mart using the same criteria as the target instance.

Additional rules may be added to the appINTERFACE prevalidation.

An on-line error report is presented and the user may make corrections as required.

A tool to assist in the correction of errors (by suggestion) is also provided.

All data correction information is collected, maintained and is available in an electronic document form.

When Oracle EBS is the target, appINTERFACE uses standard EBS Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and ensures that data is validated in accordance with the EBS rules. Where standard APIs are not provided by EBS, appINTERFACE uses custom APIs and Open Interface Rules.

For Siebel as target, appINTERFACE uses EIM/EAI, for Salesforce it uses bulk APIs and for SAP it uses BDC/BAPIs.

Load executions may be scheduled automatically using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

Synchronous load supports real time integration.