EBS Mass Data Loading

Data maintenance is a key part of appLOAD™ GET CLEAN STAY CLEAN solution strategy. For that appLOAD provides over 650 predefined Templates for maintaining Setups, Master Data and Transactional Data (Open and Historical Data).

appLOAD features over 650+ predefined templates for Setups, Master data and Transactional data
Adapters are configurable to business specific needs using simple HTML screens
All functions are created for the Business users to confidently perform Data maintenance activities
Tool can handle very huge volume – 1 Million records can be loaded in single shot
Hub and Spoke architecture
No Baby sitting needed. Completely background processing
Input data structure can be in multiple formats
Mapping of the data source into the SAP template is simple drag and drop approach
Robust Java/J2EE Technology
Platform is battle tested at fortune 1000 client locations.
Automated Data Audit Trail