Many desktop Project Management Software tools and even Enterprise Project Management tools lack the collaboration and organization of Documents, Instructions, Drawings, Test results, Minutes of Meetings etc. Not every project has the luxury of assembling all Project members in a single room. Today’s project resources are spread over the globe and still the Project expectation is to work seamless and smooth, and produce high quality outcomes.

Project Managers have been making do with firing of instructions over e-mail with all sorts of attachments. Slightly better scenario has been that they kept the documents in a common repository and sent links and instructions over e-mail. Organizing and maintaining all these Project data and documents is tedious manual work and takes away the time and energy of even the most diligent of Project Managers. When the tedious work is taken off the back of Project Managers, we can expect them to concentrate more on Project Risks, Costs, Scope and Quality.

Project Management Cloud


We all know the famous factory floor slogan, “A place for every tool and every tool in its place”. Apart from providing standard Project, Task, Time and Resource Management facilities, appWORK offers to keep your Project organized. All documents and chats (conversations) related to a task are tied to that task itself and available for all Project Team Members for use anywhere/anytime.

appWORK provides highly interactive and dynamic GANTT charts, crisp Manager’s Workbench, self-documenting Project Communication Mechanism (Chatter/Chat). All related items are kept organized, unlike in a traditional scenario where email is used extensively. appWORK brings in a disciplined work culture to your Projects.

appWORK integrates well with your existing ERP systems such as Oracle, SAP, etc., and productivity tools such as Google Calendar, MS Projects etc. It allows you to successfully handle Project Management for end to end projects, helps you to Plan, Do, Check and Act using Waterfall and Agile methodology and Information Technology Service Management (ITSM).

Project Management Plan


The tool allows you to enter and track Contracts, Budget Allocations, Projects, Tasks and Resources. It goes well beyond creating Project Timelines. You can attach in the right place (Project, Task or Resource level), the needed design documents, drawings, specifications, test scripts and reference documents. That is proactive approach to any Project. You hit the ground running. Less time is wasted by employees and consultants in meetings and e-mail exchange of documents and ideas. Ideas for a task go right where they belong - to the task as a chat message. No need to create elaborate folders to keep Project Information organized. The plan, the GANTT chart is the centerpiece and that shall hold all the pieces. The tool makes creating plan an easy and fun activity. The Portal based screens layout ensures that you do not have to grope in the dark for related information and action.

Create the entire Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with ease through Workbench or Gantt chart driven by wizards. appWORK allows you to bulk load your Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) using pre-built templates which is mapped with Oracle and SAP Structures. Save valuable time and resources by reusing your successful project setups and WBS in your new projects with the help of Project Templates. With the cascading of tasks feature, appWORK automatically readjusts all your task dates in the projects once you make changes to any of the preceding linked tasks. appWORK proactively warns you if the project goes out of scope because of the changes. The project managers can now play around the task durations without tipping on any danger lights.

Resource Planning

Project Management Resource Planning

Create the perfect team for the project using the easy and fun drag and drop interface. Give a clear cut project hierarchy by assigning roles to the respective resources.

“Bring Joy to the Projects of the World.”

Cloud Based Project Management Software


The Project Manager deals with multiple forms such as task creation forms, resource assignment forms, etc. appWORK provides a “Workbench”, which is a single place from where to handle all the day today activities of a project manager or a team member. Empower your team to become more productive. Say no to confusing emails and tedious status meetings, use our enterprise collaboration tool. Attach the relevant documents to the task itself and share it with your Project members.

Collaboration is synonymous with success. Modern projects are done across the globe and it is required from the project members to collaborate on a daily basis. appWORK provides you with multitude of tools to satisfy the highly demanding Project Management professionals. The synergy of Project Management techniques and Collaboration features is brought into play in this highly satisfying tool.


Project Management Workbench

Assign dependencies, sub tasks, sprints, start date and end date, total work hours and much more with ease in the Workbench .The project manager can visualize and can create/assign/work on the tasks from this single page.

Resource allocation
File attachment
Dependency attachment
Timesheet details/approval
Create Meetings
Resource Rating

The appWORK Calendar will provide dynamic and real time information to the users regarding his/her timesheet status, project milestones and project holidays information. appWORK also provides integrations to your Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar.

Real Time Data Integration

Agile Methodology using SCRUM - With the help of the SCRUM board the SCRUM Masters can be effectively run the sprint planning, backlog refinement, tracking velocity over time etc. With the one click meeting calls (integration with Citrix GotoMeeting) you can run the daily Scrum calls to refine the sprint goals. The Scrum board gives visual snapshot of the tasks in each sprint. Sprint Retrospection with the help of the burn down charts & other metrics enable the upcoming sprints’ parameters more efficient.

“Watch your critical path.”

Project Management with Gantt Chart

Check and Act

In today’s complex projects, deviations are much harder to track. Even with excellent planning and careful execution there are times a project may go on track, especially true for modern projects which are handled in multiple fronts. It is too late to know the project deviation the next day. With appWORK we provide you with a perfect medium to monitor your project and take measures in seconds - every information is in real time and immediate. appWORK also makes it easy for Project Managers to take immediate actions to any project deviations.

Identify, monitor and control the project risks directly from your home page with features such as

Project Health
Task control board
Organization chart
Resource performance
Schedule variance & Cost variance
Project & Task Management Software

Inform yourself about the project with as much detail as possible with the Project Summary. The details include

Project phases
Total Tasks
Escalation requests
Time sheet and much more
Collaborative Project Management Software

Gantt view

Visualize the project health and progress, and keep track of the critical path. Play around with the task sliders to findnd the most efficient plan.

Data Migration Project Management

Dashboards and Reports

Visualize what is actually happening in the projects with the help of our rich and dynamic dashboards. appWORK provides the project stakeholders a complete and holistic (360 degrees) view of the project progress with various dashboards.

Accurately monitor your project by conducting various analyses such as Earned Value Analysis, Cost Performance Index, Schedule Performance Index, Critical Path Analysis.

Burn down chart
Budget consumption
Budget Variance
Project Management Analytics

Burn down chart

Clearly track how much a particular task or process deviates from the planned optimal track with the Burndown Chart. Find the burn down not very satisfactory? Then drill down to find the actual cause/resource responsible for it.

Project Budget Consumption Report

Budget Consumption

Here we see the amount consumed against the allotted budget for the project. Drill down even to the level of consumption by a particular resource. Make sure you never cross the project baseline.

Use our 30+ standard reports or design and create your own customized reports by leveraging the inbuilt Salesforce reporting tool. Reports can be scheduled to run on a regular basis, and it can be shared automatically with the stakeholders at periodic intervals.

Customer Project Management for Salesforce

ITSM Service requests

appWORK also provides a separate service module in accordance with ITIL standards, to take care of your service requests. Provide your clients with a service portal by leveraging the Customer portal from Salesforce. Communicate and collaborate with your clients like never before to resolve their issues.

Organize your tickets based on priority, status and type. The automated status system informs clients about status changes whenever a ticket is addressed.

SLA Project Management


The Key Performance Indicators against service level agreement can be clearly tracked with this.

“We swear by the GANTT chart.”