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Financial Institution

Client Overview

Listed on the Fortune 500, this US based organization offers a wide range of financial products & services. Headquartered in Florida, and with a global strength of about 50000, this organization has continued to drive growth for firms around the world innovating the customer experience around financial services.

Project Scope

The scope of the project included the following:

  • Migrate 250 setups, 45 master and transaction objects in Projects portfolio, P2P, O2C, Inventory management modules from Oracle eBS into Oracle Cloud
  • Incorporate business specific consolidation, validation & transformation rules during migration
  • Accelerated project timeline - 8 months with 4 conversion cycles: 2 SIT, 1 UAT and Production
  • Compliance with their regulated data validation requirements.
  • Required preload and post-load reconciliations & reporting

The modules in scope included:

  • Financials ( GL, AP, AR, FA, CM,Tax)
  • Supply Chain Management ( OM and INV)
  • Procurement 
  • Project Portfolio (Costing, Billing, Finance) 
  • AGIS (Intercompany)
  • Expenses

Business Situation

Client was utilizing manual setup deployment in its Oracle EBS environment. This resulted in a very complicated deployment strategy for new entity rollouts, new OU provisioning etc. The manual process was not only tedious but also resulted in errors. This caused severe delays to overall project schedules. Client decided to automate the Oracle Setup deployments thereby improving the quality and accelerating the implementation timelines. Along with setups, the migration of related master & transactional data was also part of the scope.

Technical Situation

ChainSys deployed dataZap for the migration of Setup, Master and Transactional data from legacy systems to Oracle ERP to do the following activities. dataZap’s templates automated  extraction, validation, cleansing, profiling, preload and post load reconciliations. Client’s legacy systems offered exceptional challenges since the data had to be cleansed as well as transformed into the Oracle (API/Interface) format prior to migration to Oracle ERP. 

The process was facilitated by dashboards that gave business the ability to compare Setups between Source and Target instances. Also, BR-100 reports were automatically generated through the platform, which provided pre-validation of Setup migration which helped the business to review and  sign-off.


ChainSys deployed dataZap to migrate data from Legacy to Oracle ERP. The data was cleansed prior to the migration using the ChainSys dataZAP.   The project implementation was done in 8 months.  The timeline was achieved by using the dataZap’s preconfigured templates, which covered the Transformation, Mapping, Data Quality, Pre-validation, Extraction, Error handling and Data Loaders using standard API and Interfaces.  The templates, along with the DQM engine ensured that the data migrated was clean & compatible.

Prior to each conversion cycle, the pre load validation report was provided to the client to  review. After enrichment and transformation, the pre load validations  were carried out with transformed data. After the users  approval data was loaded in Oracle and a post reconciliation report was shared with the business along with the data loaded in Oracle for verification. Data were successfully migrated through testing in iterative rounds/sprints, in compliance with client’s data validation and compliance needs.

DataZap leveraged the BR100 report for all the Setups (for all modules), which reduced 80% of manual work.  Automated setup migration reduced 75% efforts on the overall project timelines.

Activities such as performance, scheduled executions, failed jobs were monitored with notifications, emails and dashboards.

Below was the solution implemented for this Data Migration.



  • Quick deployment by leveraging  dataZap platform accelerators and templates. The implementation of Complete Data Migration was done in 8 Months .
  • Ability to implement multiple iterations of data conversions in a short period utilizing pre-configured templates with high success rate.
  • Scalability with parallel processing to support large data volume and better performance.
  • Improved data quality by source data validation & cleansing prior to data conversions.
  • Automated setup migration reduced 75% efforts on the overall project timelines

Products and Services Used

dataZap:   Pre-configured templates to extract, transform, validate, cleanse and load data into Oracle ERP


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