Sync Salesforce Contacts with Smartphone

Chase Opps is a mobile app which helps to synchronize the Salesforce cloud and smartphones so that the information stored can be accessed through your mobile interface. This exceptional mobile app enables you to stay focused in business by fetching the details stored in Salesforce user account such as

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Key Features and Advantages

Offline Access

Chase Opps helps you to access all the information that is available in your salesforce account even without an internet connection. You may also edit the information and do modifications to it staying offline. The changes made will automatically get updated in Salesforce cloud as soon as the smartphone is synchronized to Salesforce cloud by connecting to the internet.


This prodigious mobile application enables you to have all the CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) functionalities related to your Salesforce cloud right on your palm top.

Anywhere, Anytime

This user friendly smartphone app relieves you from your work stations and it enables you to remain intact with your business leads. Moreover you can access your Salesforce account information comfortably and look for opportunities from anywhere on the globe, regardless of time and space.