Oct 4, 2016

Chain-Sys Cloud Integration Platform

As Organizations look to improve their business processes and follow the principle of continuous improvement, they often turn to multiple applications to efficiently drive them. Since one application may not satisfy all current and future business needs, they turn to multiple best-of- breed solutions. As the environment becomes more heterogeneous, there arises the challenge of “Connecting” these applications to streamline data flow and manage complex business processes.

Chain-Sys is proud to be launching its Integration platform for Salesforce, and other cloud solutions.

Chain-Sys’ appCONNECT CLOUD is an integration solution capable of handling both data complexities and unique business requirements. It offers 1000+ business flows to connect 200+ end-point applications without any programming need. The solution also employs a built-in Business Rules Engine(BRE) to handle complex Data Quality Management needs. Businesses can take advantage of these built-in features to help reduce timeline and cost on Integration projects.

Presenters: Mekalai & Shunmu

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