Sep 19, 2016


As Organizations strive to grow in size and revenue, they often bring about changes (small or large) to the make-up of an Organization. Examples range from diverse Business transformation scenarios (like a Merger or Acquisition) to a simple upgrade of a solution. Such scenarios may often include a variety of different applications and a large amount of Data movement/migration between Cloud & On-premise applications.

In such an initiative, it is a priority to handle the migration of Setups, Master and Transactional data, while making sure stringent Data Quality standards are met.

At this lunch event, Chain-sys will be revealing its out-of- the-box templates for migrating Setups for Oracle Cloud applications. With more than 300 templates, the appMIGRATE CLOUD solution gives businesses a no-programming approach to reduce data risks, timeline and cost during any migration scenario.

We’re really excited for the event, and of course, for the wonderful meal! Hope to see you there!

Presenters: Austin, Dharmaraja

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