Sap Teched 2017

Booth # 818
Sep 25-29, 2017
Venetian | Palazzo Congress Center
Las Vegas

What is your company's current status regarding S/4HANA?

What Chain-Sys can do?

System Feasibility/Assessment - We do an in-depth analysis of the current system you’re running on and let you know of the possibilities of moving into S/4HANA.

Data Quality Management - Keeping in line with our mantra of “Get Clean & Stay Clean”, this is essential for any Organization as it is always advisable to cleanse your data before moving to S/4HANA rather than after moving.

Data Migration - Our Premium product appMIGRATE provides the platform for simple and quick data migration to S/4HANA with the help of customizable templates, and with the benefit of a short cutover period.

System Conversion - Upgradation from ECC on HANA to S/4HANA on-premise. (Offers an option for quicker move with the benefit of conversion of customized interface as well)

New Implementation - From SAP or non-SAP system to a new S/4HANA system, either via cloud or on-premise.

Landscape Transformation - From multiple SAP or non-SAP systems to a new S/4HANA system, either via cloud or on-premise.

Cloud Migration - Transferring data on-premise to the Cloud. (Although being an internal process, it still involves data quality management, de-duplication amongst other tasks)

We are exhibiting at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, visit our booth # 818, for more exciting information on Data Initiatives.

Visit ChainSys booth 818 to learn how ChainSys platform will help you map your source application data and analytics for your existing non-SAP to SAP landscapes, helping you run your SAP applications more efficiently and securely. We will also feature our new V17 platform and templated approach to our integrated solutions for SAP

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We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.

Demonstration Session at the Booth

Presenter Topic Date Time Room Location
Charlie Massoglia Master Data Simplification using the Chain-Sys Platform to simplify the complexity of Master Data. Tuesday, Sep 26 11:45 Booth #818
Sujay Nelson Master Data Governance Consolidate and centrally govern your master data – to ensure data quality and consistency across your organization Tuesday, Sep 26 15:00 Booth #818
Sundu Rathinam Data Quality Management Consolidation algorithms along with Hadoop technology to identify the matches and no matches for the collected data. Wednesday, Sep 27 11:45 Booth #818
Charlie Massoglia User Lifecycle Management An integrated workflow engine to enable business processes applications Wednesday, Sep 27 14:00 Booth #818
Sujay Nelson Integrate Sap with Any Application A web application that gives business users the ability to manage and maintain your application integrations Thursday, Sep 28 11:45 Booth #818
Charlie Massoglia Migrate Data to SAP from Any Application Templates that already have the standard field mapping and validation between these applications Thursday, Sep 28 13:00 Booth #818
Charlie Massoglia

Charlie Massoglia - VP and CIO
Charlie Massoglia is VP & CIO at Chain-Sys. Formerly Global Chief Information Officer at Dawn Food Products, Charlie’s 30+ years of industry experience has involved solving highly complex technical & business related challenges. He is also highly versatile in the SAP application suite/As a passionate writer, he has authored a number of books and articles on IBM midrange computers. Charlie has been a frequent speaker on technical, management, and security topics, and has lectured in more than 40 different countries.And, if you haven’t yet, stop by our booth to Ask Charlie a question! His answer may surprise you!


Sundu Rathinam - Data Architect & Supply Chain expert
One of the founders, Sundu Rathinam is without doubt, part of a handful of people that are indispensable to the industry. With over 25+ years in the field, Sundu is an unsurpassed technical and functional guru, and has helped clients worldwide with solving some of their toughest challenges.

Sujay Nelson

Sujay Nelson - SAP Practice Head
Sujay Nelson, our SAP Practice head, has over 20+ years of experience in Implementing and leveraging SAP solutions for various organizations, and a focus on increasing the organizational performance & their customer experience. His experience includes the whole gamut of SAP Products including the Core ERP, BW and Planning Solutions. Of late he has been helping customers in their transition to S/4HANA where his knowledge of operational and analytical areas is used to arrive at a simple and optimal solution to meet customer’s needs.

Charlie Massoglia

Topics of Interest:

  • Master Data Simplification
  • Data Quality
  • Data Dedupe
  • Data Enrichment
  • Data Standardization
  • Time required to approve and create new customers
  • How do we control customer creation when multiple locations can create them
  • How do I get a single integrated view of customers across multiple systems
  • How do I get cloud based systems to talk to my in-house systems?
  • Do I need one system for customer master data and another for item master data?
  • Data Migration
  • Address standardization
  • Address validation
  • Geocode addresses to map sales
  • Users are lost in a sea of data when they are only interested in specific data
  • How can my users on their own check the status of a customer add request
  • How do I assess my overall data quality


  • How to I automatically enforce edits that are now manual because they are not supported when adding customers in my ERP system?
  • How do I easily exchange data with multiple systems on an ongoing basis?
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Divestiture
  • Capture DUNS number
  • How do I harmonize data across multiple systems
  • How to I ensure I have all the information I need to create a customer and know in advance the information is valid
  • How do I inform management of the level of our data quality
  • How do I combine customer information that comes from more than one system
  • How do I provide an audit trail of changes to master data including the approvals?
  • Time required to approve and create new items
  • How can we control item creation when multiple locations can create them
  • Time required to approve and create new suppliers
  • How can we control supplier creation when multiple locations can create them