Live Webinar - The 7 Pitfalls of a Cloud Migration

The 7 Pitfalls of a Cloud Migration


Stephen Rivet


Date: Monday, jun 19
Start time: 1:00:00 PM EDT


Cloud Data Migration initiatives can prove to be extremely complicated & time-consuming! In partnership with several of our Fortune 500 clients, we have assembled a “Short List” of the most common pitfalls WE believe organizations are likely to face when embarking on a Complex Data Migration Project. Actually, we are revealing the real-life challenge these clients experienced during their projects, more importantly how they eventually solved them.

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1. Migrating Setups, Master AND Transactional Data all at the same time! Challenges include relational integrity, maintaining parent-child relationships, inter-module dependencies & Data construction are major struggles to moving data at the same time. Learn how this process is streamlined using Project & Task management features – meaning you don’t need to sit for hours in front of a computer!
2. Improving Data Quality during the Migration Process! Low Data Quality Standards within the Source System require correction during a migration. Using Data Validations & Corrections, Data Enrichment capabilities Data correction can happen BEFORE being loaded to the Target. Error correction after the fact creates plenty of issues. Learn ‘Best Practices’ to Pre-Validate Data.
3. Simplification of Complex transformations! What if Source & Target Systems have different Data Structures? How would you then ensure Data is transformed to ensure compatibility – without having to be a functional whiz? Learn how Pre-Built Template simplifies Data Structure.
4. Data Mapping Processes & Documentation! Is your Data Migration based on a hope that the “Item Number Field” Data is not actually migrated into the “Item Description Field?” Learn about an automatic mapping process that is accurate and repeatable.
5. Data Enrichment using D&B or USPS! Can a migration integrate this critical process and stick to the project timeline? Standardizing and enriching Customer, Vendor & Product Data using Dun & Bradstreet, USPS or other 3rd party service can complete Data needed in Order Management or Procurement. Learn how this feature can enhance Data during the process.
6. Make System Downtime History! If you are not entering transactions, you are not making money! Learn how to reduce cutover time by effectively using Change Data Capture Capability.
7. Reconciliation is Crucial in the Migration Process! How do you answer accounting and auditors with a detailed audit trail, approvals field-level reconciliations & Source to Target comparisons? Time is of the essence! Learn how to develop Validation Rules at assures reconciliation.

We will answer questions on everyone’s minds; “How long will it take?” and “How much will it cost?”

You will be introduced to ‘Best Practice’ Methodologies to complete your Data Migration Project within WEEKS vs. MONTHS!

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