Live Webinar - Master Data Simplification

Master Data Simplification - A Customer Case Study


Charlie Massoglia


Date: Wednesday, june 21
Start time: 1:00:00 PM EDT


Getting control of Master Data can be quite difficult.

Some of the complexities that can arise are:

Lack of Governance: Multiple users having access to add or change master data (Materials, Customers, Suppliers, etc)
Ease of Use & Maintenance: Challenge of going through dozens of fields, on dozens of screens just to update the 2 or 3 fields for which a user has responsibility.
Difficulty in maintaining master data across multiple systems
Ensuring high Data Quality standards by putting in place de-duplication checks & Master record validation

So, how did a Fortune 500 Organization tackle these real-life challenges? Join Charlie, as he shares his experience as a customer using the Chain-Sys Platform to simplify the complexity of Master Data.

he customer utilized appMDM's workflow & User assignment capabilities to streamline & govern new data introduction. This made sure that access was strictly controlled. The de-duplication & Data enrichment was also part of the workflow, to ensure that no duplicate entries were being approved by the Data Steward

In addition, the customer was able to create custom screens which displayed multiple fields (across tabs or forms) in one location. This way, a user is not wading through various screens to update minimal information. These fields can have the application validations built in, so that data entry is now easy, as well as error-free.

Using pre-built templates, the customer easily loaded master data from SAP ECC 6.0 to a master hub. The customer also began testing within 3 weeks with NO-PROGRAMMING required! Authorized users were shown just the data they needed to see or update including data from SAP and a legacy system on the same screens.

The customer had the ability to provide a single integrated view of customers as well as consolidated reporting across multiple disparate systems. This was done using the out-of-the-box data flows that are capable of synchronizing SAP, Oracle, Salesforce or any other System of Record application.

Join us to see how to simplify your master data in SAP.