Becoming a Data G.O.A.T.

Chart Your Voyage to Procore Project Management

Mar 23, 2016

Thursday, 3 pm (EST)

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Now your company has decided to move to Procore’s cloud PM application! The business is clamoring for a flawless and aggressive implementation – how are you going to address all the data issues while delivering the needed capability on a fast-tracked timeline? Can you become your company’s “data GOAT,” (Greatest-Of-All-Time) or are you destined to become a “data scapegoat?”

How can you migrate and transform the legacy PM data to Procore?
Can you improve the quality of the data such as suppliers and work breakdown structure?
How do you provide stable on-premise/cloud co-existence integration for the shared data?
Will you be able to ensure the on-premise/cloud shared data remain in-sync and in-balance?

During this webinar, we’ll introduce the Chain-Sys data management suite of tools, ‘appPLATFORM,' designed to answer these questions and accelerate your voyage to the cloud.

As part of the webinar, we’ll show you how with the appPLATFORM suite of tools you can:

Quickly migrate PM data to Procore from eBusiness Suite, PeopleSoft, and SAP
Transform and cleanse legacy data with no programming
Re-use the migration configurations for stable, on-going co-existence data integration

Join us for this exciting webinar that promises to revolutionize the way you think about managing data during a Procore roll-out and become your company’s data GOAT!

Presenters: Frank Malangone, Sundu Rathinam , Krishnan Ganesan

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