Live Webinar - Data Migration Simplified

An Introduction to Master and Transaction Data Migration


Charlie Massoglia


Date: Wednesday, nov 8
Start time: 1:30:00 PM EDT


Join Charlie for our upcoming webinar to learn and simplify the Data Migration Complexity. Learn how the tools and techniques could enable organizations to successfully execute Data Migration/Conversion in Weeks instead of months!!

Key Takeaways:

1. Breaking the myth that Data Quality is difficult to manage
2. No Programming, Master and Historical data migration
3. Data and Application Co-existence, Drag and drop rapid data integrations/interfaces development
4. Data Reconciliation and Visualization

World's top businesses have successfully used appMIGRATE to reduce:

  • Cutover Time
  • Project Timeline and Budget
  • Data Risks

There are a number of common issues which should be addressed. Here are some of the most common challenges that clients face:

  • How can you accelerate your migration and transformation of legacy on-premise data?
  • Can you automate data mappings & transformations during the migration?
  • What will be your archive strategy for the data not being migrated?
  • How can you Reconcile source & target systems automatically?

Learn about how the Chain-Sys platform addresses these challenges that occur during Data migration/conversion. We will aim to demystify and simplify your migration journey.

Don’t miss it!