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Success in today’s global environment demands optimal use of resources such as capital, workforce, suppliers, raw materials, machinery and time to meet customer requirements. The enterprise resource planning system helps to reach this success.

Powerful and yet easy to use

e-Chain is a mature and robust ERP/SCM system. Beneath its state of the art user interface lie powerful software engines to drive your enterprise’s business processes. Its advanced technology framework enables e-Chain to interact and integrate with Systems of your customers and vendors, and lends itself to self service functions that allow collaboration across geographies and functional groupings. Reports and built in business intelligence functions delivered via contemporary devices such as iPads, tablets and smartphones, offer your executives unprecedented visibility and insight into the operations of the enterprise, wherever they are, allowing them to make informed decisions. Workflow approvals can also be processed quickly by e-Chain texting to the concerned manager’s cell phone. e-Chain has the maturity and robustness to take your growing business to the next level and provide you the control you desire and need. It makes your lean operation ideas a reality, provides a quick ROI and improves the overall profits of your enterprise.

ROI within third month of implementation
Optimized Inventory
Streamlined Workflow
Improved Business Processes and Automation
Reduced Cost of Raw Materials and Manufacturing
Improved Collaboration with Customers, Suppliers and Sales Partners
On time Deliveries
Improved Receivables and Cash Flow
Improved Customer Satisfaction
Optimize Demand and Supply

Reliable Technology Partner

With an ERP System, it is important to have a strong visionary technology partner that understands/anticipates your needs and can deliver the enterprise business applications that meet or exceed the requirements of your business. Chain-Sys is a reliable technology partner and an expert in business processes, providing you with a fully integrated business software solution.


The e-Chain ERP/SCM Suite of Products encompasses a wide spectrum of business solutions (modules) that provide an end to end solution for discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing and trading businesses. e-Chain’s business processes follow Industry Best Practices and its exhaustive list of reports provides insight into your business operation and statutory compliance.


e-Chain offers a scalable ERP solution, with advanced functionality that is ready to use as your business grows and expands, and its architecture allows for increased data and transaction volumes.


Initial e-Chain setups have been simplified and automated through the use of e-Chain Configurator. Functional setups are done within hours or couple of days, depending on the implementation scope. A structured and pragmatic approach has been developed to help reduce the time and cost of implementing e-Chain. This proven methodology uses best practices, encourages responsibility and accountability, and promotes action to help management keep budgets and timescales on track. Procedures are documented to help in system maintenance and training.


e-Chain is built using the latest Java/J2EE struts framework and is a fully web based application. It uses industry leading Oracle database for its internal data storage, and can be deployed using Oracle Weblogic Server, JBoss or Tomcat. Oracle OBIEE†† is used for e-Chain Business Intelligence reporting and analysis.


Core HR and payroll operations on a common global platform. Excellent data accuracy and analytical capabilities leading to improve Employee development and satisfaction. Comprehensive 360 degree Talent and Performance management solution.


  • Reduced Risk and Increased Compliance
  • Clear Sourcing Strategy
  • Consistent and Accurate data
  • Cost Savings
  • Transparency accross the Organization
  • Secure Login with strong password
  • LDAP Authentication
  • SMS Feature
  • Email Notification
  • Inbuilt Report Generator Tool
  • Localization and Personalization