Business Intelligence is about gaining insight (think dashboards with drill down capability) about your business from the vast amounts of operational data generated by your ERP and other systems. Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) is a quick, least risky and easy entry into the world of BI without the heavy investment in hardware, software, database, middleware and building dashboards from scratch.

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Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service is a cost effective, enterprise-class analytics platform in the cloud. It empowers you to convert data into insight.

Chain-Sys leverages its vast experience in bringing in data from multiple sources and aggregating/consolidating them for BI purpose. The data load features of BICS are augmented with the powerful appLOAD™ Suite from Chain-Sys. The appLOAD™ software allows you make sure that the data consolidated into the Business Intelligence database (data cubes) are of highest quality and clean. Please refer the Data Quality Management (DQM) features of Chain-Sys’ appLOAD™/appMIGRATE™ tools. Good clean data in the data mart leads to meaningful analysis and insights.

Chain-Sys applies its vast OBIEE experience in dashboards, reporting and drill downs for your benefit and offers rapid ROI.

BICS offers a library of prebuilt analytic modules, functions, filters, trending, binning, and advanced calculations.