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MDM - Product Information Management

Why use Product Information Management?

Products Information Management (PIM) enables you to keep a “Single Source of Truth” for all your Products data. It offers data quality solutions to “Get it Clean” and “Keep it Clean” of Products data. The flexible data governance workflow enables you to govern the Product’s lifecycle from Onboarding to making additional changes in the most efficient manner. Lastly Product 360 is available to achieve insightful data around products and related transactions.
  • Realize the Zen of Single Source of Truth
  • Clean and Complete Product data ready for you
  • ML simplifies Attribution, minimal manual errors
  • Simplify Product Onboarding
  • Improve Product experience
  • Sell more using eCommerce
  • Sell more using eCommerce
  • Achieve the 80/20 rule

Product Information Management Illustration

Problem 1

Existing Product data in SAP or Oracle or other enterprise applications are Bad. Need to
cleanse and apply the changes back to enterprise Application.

Problem 2

Migration of Legacy applications to the Modern Enterprise Applications. Part of this exercise
would like to Consolidate, Cleanse and Harmonize the products data and then migrate.

Problem 3

After migration into the modern application, want a Single Source of truth using a clean
Governance process for onboarding new products and Product life cycle management. Enforce SLA for
all activities and measure it. Want to keep the data always clean, setup active and passive policies to
correct the problems with Human approval and sometimes automated as well.