Chain-Sys has rich experience developing and publishing mobile apps in the Apple’s iOS platform (iPhone and iPad), Google’s Android platform (Phones and Tablets) and Salesforce platform. Our applications have gone through the quality, battery usage and compatibility testing by the mobile apps publishers. Following are the apps available for download from the respective app stores.

Products for Mobility

7 Keys to Manage Childhood Asthma

7 Keys to Manage Childhood Asthma is a remarkable mobile app that aids the parents and guardians of Asthma affected children to keep the disease under constant check and to control it with effective remedies.

appLOAD for Mobile

appLOAD M is a remarkable notification tool that takes the data migration technology to a huge leap forward. This app lets you to know about the status of the records that are being executed through appLOAD application from anyplace, anytime. With this, any authorized personnel from the management could know about the current position and the eminence of loaders and schedulers.


The chaseOPPS™ app is a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. It is very useful for traveling salespeople. They can work on their Salesforce Sales Cloud contacts and leads in offline mode and later sync the changes to the cloud. It also shows on map the leads and contacts within a specified radius from the salesperson.