Project Management Beacon

Project Management and Task Management along with workflow are provided in this app. It is available in the Salesforce App Exchange. Being a multi user, multi platform app, it can be utilized by project teams spread out in geography and updated in a timely fashion. Users can update task status as they get completed or otherwise, wherever and whenever. Provides senior management people good visibility into the progress of their various projects and thereby allows control.

Features of Project Management Beacon

Project Management Beacon gives total visibility of the tasks happening in the organization.
Workflow based task management
Resource utilization and orientation
Features to trace task overruns
A module can be designed under a project and teams can be added to it
Project Management Beacon enables you to define tasks and manage them with ease from any geographical location
Resource Allocation: An exclusive portal with a very simplified interface is dedicated to allocate managers and team members to teams.
Resource Costing: The cost of resources utilized in a project can be clearly analyzed and every single minute spent by the resource for the project can be accounted
Track Productivity: Project Management Beacon helps project managers to have a clear check on the productivity of the respective teams. Adherence to schedule and contribution of team members towards the project can be accurately monitored.

Screen Samples to understand better