Top Reasons for why ChainSys!

Trusted, well-established, and collaborative. 23 years of extensive experience delivering ERP Implementations, AMS Support and Upgrades. Our
partnerships with Oracle, SAP and Salesforce position us to deliver best-in-class products and services to our customers.

We understand

We take the efforts to fully understand your business painareas and craft apt solutions
  • “Hit the ground running”…. all homework done before project inception
  • Efficient “no time wasted” interactions with Stakeholders
  • Structured requirements analysis and documentation
  • Clear and practical business and technology solutions
  • Precise recommendations and Products and Customizations

Industry Expertise

We understand the unique processes and challenges in industry verticals
  • 23 years of expertise in multiple industries
  • Discrete, Flow and Process Manufacturing
  • Heavy Engineering, Automobile, Paper, Metals, High Tech, Energy, Government, Construction, Education and others


We believe in training business users well ahead of time in our projects
  • Upfront training for ERP Implementations
  • Sets the tone for the implementation process and defines the scope
  • Build working relationship between Chain-Sys experts and the Business
  • Speeds up the whole project and improves quality of implementation and quality of data


ChainSys employees get the job done
  • 700+ talented employees worldwide
  • Cohesive team
  • Excellent communication and great attitude
  • Certified Professionals
  • Easy access to ChainSys Subject Matter Experts
  • Processes to ensure repeatable success
  • Support of ChainSys Leadership team

Enterprise Ready

Bandwidth to scale up to your enterprise needs and demands
  • Experience over 100s of projects
  • 23 years of successful Project Deliveries
  • Effective and efficient Solutioning
  • Experience with world’s top 500 companies
  • State of the art technology and tools
  • Command over Cloud and Cloud Security

Finance and Accounting

We operate in multiple geographies and have the experience implementing financials and localizations
  • India, Singapore, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Malaysia, Thailand, USA

New Regulations

Pioneers in implementing GST, VAT and other compliance legislations
  • GST Implementation in India
  • New VAT implementation in UAE


Rapid customizations in the native ERP environment or in our own PaaS.
  • No-Code to Low Code Application Development (PaaS Solution)
  • Deploy in multiple platforms such as web browsers and mobile devices
  • Templates based ready integration with ERPs and other Applications
  • Configurable workflow component
  • Customization using native technologies of the ERP system

Data Management

Great advantage in terms of speed of implementation andcost with our ChainSys Smart Data Platform™
  • Data Migration, Setup Migration, Integration & Reconciliation using dataZap™
  • Master Data Management, Governance & Data Quality using dataZen™
  • AI & ML driven analytics, GRC, security & cataloging powered by pure data. (using dataZense™)

Knowledge Base

Portals for ready availability of information, both to our employees and to our customers
  • Constantly updated information and knowledge base

Data Quality

Our dataZap™ Accelerator tools allow for thorough data cleansing
  • Single platform for data & setup migrations, integrations, reconciliations, big data ingestions & archival
  • 9000+ pre-built templates ensure coverage of more than 200 applications
  • Data quality engine has pre-configured rules to profile, clean, enrich & correct data

Digital Transformation

We align our services and products to meet your Digital Transformation initiatives
  • Customer Experience
  • Operational Agility
  • Decision making Exellence
  • Culture and Leadership
  • Workforce Enablement
  • Digital Technology Integration

Predictable Success

Clear methodology and implementation/development
processes geared towards success every time.
  • 100s of Implementation, Upgrade and AMS Support Engagements
  • Highly satisfied referenceable customers
  • People, Processes and Products geared towards Project Success (The triangle of Success)


Technology Certifications

Conference Participation