Conducting meetings or seminars over the internet is commonplace. In fact the word Seminar is less popular than the word Webinar. But companies accept some of the drawbacks, for the sake of all the benefits of holding remote Meetings and Webinars.

GotoMeeting Salesforce Integration

   Benefits of Internet Meetings/Webinars

  • Cost and time savings for both the company conducting the Meeting/Webinar and also for the participants.

  • People from all over the world can attend

  • Attend from the comfort of your home or a resort


  • Don’t know if the attendees are doing some other work or just dozing off. Video meetings can solve this to a good extent. But we cannot have everybody’s video, especially if the number of participants is large.

  • People holding the meeting/webinar miss the eye contact and can’t gauge the level of interest in the various participants. Data is successfully posted.

  • Extract, Transform and Load

Salesforce Mobile Integration Experts

The SwiftMeeting app, available in the Salesforce App Exchange helps in solving some of the drawbacks. In addition it offers various productivity gains with its integration with Salesforce CRM and CITRIX’ popular GotoMeeting and GotoWebinar.

Benefits of SwiftMeeting app.

GotoWebinar Salesforce Integration

You can select the participants from your contacts in Salesforce and setup the GotoMeeting or GotoWebinar from the comfort of this app, without jumping back and forth between Salesforce and GotoMeeting/GotoWebinar.

Promote the meeting or Webinar via e-mail blasts and postings into Social Media sites.

The Swiftmeeting app collects various valuable information about the meeting/webinar and its participants, such as time spent on the meeting/webinar, did the participants browse through non GotoMeeting/GotoWebinar screens, level of interest shown by the various participants, and audience feedback. All this info is translated into valuable insight and entered into Salesforce, allowing follow ups to become more meaningful.

Organizations can see improved sales results.

Key Features of SwiftMeeting

Integration with Salesforce
Salesforce App Integration
Draft emails and blast them to participants with the Email Blasting.
Promote your product to the leads and contacts in Salesforce by launching a webinar program.
Post business articles and meeting/webinar details in social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Salesforce Chatter.
Perform in-depth analysis over the efficacy of the meeting/webinar arranged.
Analyze the screen-time devoted to the meeting/webinar as against other screens.
Import the participants contact list and other information to convert them into leads.
Accumulate the statistical data from the history of meetings/webinars and evaluate the interest levels of the participants.
Categorize the participants with the accumulated data and prioritize them.
Pull Participant Reports and Conference Minutes.
Gauge the interest of the participants by sending out Surveys.