dataZen R21.Q3 Product Release Webinar

Sep 15, 2021

EST 10 am / IST 7:30 pm / PST 7 am / Europe CET 4 PM

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Why dataZen? Every organization has concerns around data quality and consistency and is in search of ways to 'Get Clean' and 'Stay Clean' - with respect to data. While there are numerous products that organizations adopt, dataZen offers all the advantages of an agile and configurable product. dataZen provides the necessary governance and ensures business discipline.

Key Takeaways

Publisher Integration
Instance Portation (Check-in/Check-out)
Delegate Functionality (Collection/Approval)
CC, BCC Option in Data Governance Workflow (Collection/Approval)
Outbound Views & Bulk Upload
Match and Merge Feature Enrichment & Hibernate ORM to Spring Framework JDBC (Database Connections)

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