Modernize your Digital Footprint & Accelerate Data-Driven Innovation

Mar 16, 2023

12:00 Noon EST

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With ever-evolving technologies leveling up the data industry each day, it becomes imperative to stay on top of the modernization of your data estate. Without the latest approach, data management challenges can increase exponentially. The good news is that we can stay on top of this and handle the voluminous heterogeneous data that is dealt with daily. The key to this modernization is creating a connected ecosystem with structured and unstructured data.

Key Takeaways

Data Profiling and Data Assessment: Results Achieved - Metadata Documented, data quality metrics reported, and sensitive data identified.
Data Ingestion into the data lake: Results Achieved - Hub and spoke True Integrations across all systems.
Data Quality Management for data ingested: Results Achieved - Clean, Complete, and Harmonized data in the Golden Data Lake.
Catalog your data lake and other boundary systems
Enable the Business users to be data-driven: Results Achieved - Self-Service Data Views, Analytical Views, Business Models, Portals, and Applications.

Presented by

Sundu Rathinam

Founder & Chief Technical Officer

With over 25+ years in the field, Sundu is an unsurpassed technical and functional expert, and has helped clients worldwide with solving some of their toughest challenges

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