SmartBOTS R21.Q3 Product Release Webinar

Sep 21, 2021

EST 10 am / IST 7:30 pm / PST 7 am / Europe CET 4 PM

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Why SmartBOTS? Smart BOTS is a cloud based automation tool set used for Business Processes, Mass Data Loads, and Quality Assurance. Smart BOTS replaces strenuous manual processes with an easy to use interface, and a 'Playback' feature. The user action is captured by a 'Recorder' and then executed by the 'Playback' function. It can be executed in virtual and non-virtual modes. Headless mode execution is supported in the virtual mode. BOTs can be executed and monitored using the workbench provided

Key Takeaways

SmartBOTS Grid - Grid Configuration & Grid Execution
MouseOver and Drag&Drop - Enhancement
Consolidated Log Report
Data Migration Reports
Enhanced Validations On Reports
Playback Test Run

Presented by



Praveen Kumar

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