Valid Use Cases, Benefits & Differentiators

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Data Archival

Use Cases

  • Relocate production data that is no longer transactable to a history database 
  • Remove any data from production that is confirmed to be no longer needed
  • Move data from retired/de-commissioned applications to hadoop or other big data platforms
  • Limit the on-going data growth of any enterprise application
  • Archive & catalog historical data for easy search & reporting
  • Control the continuous need to increase hardware and disk space cost
  • Allow users to access history data within an Oracle/SAP/ERP responsibility.
  • Improve (and/or control) performance of production transactional processing.
  • Improve (and/or control) performance needed for month end/quarter end and year end close cycles.
  • Improve performance on backups, cloning & upgrades


  • Save 40 to 70% in time & cost 
  • Reduce (and/or control) cost associated with maintaining non-production environments
  • Reduce the time needed to perform refreshes from Production to other environments
  • Retain the ability to view data and run reports on historical data to meet business needs.
  • A certified, automated mechanism to remove or relocate data
  • Retain same look and feel as current user interface on production environment.
  • Retain current maintenance/support by using a certified business partner tool.
  • Provide end users with the same high level of production support.

  • Reduced manual effort 
  • Repeatable, Scalable & Agile process
  • User-friendly screens, with a humanized UI
  • No-code/Low-code approach


  • Pay-as-you-use pricing model
  • Cloud First, Ease of use
  • No-code/Low-code approach
  • 9000 ready-to-use adapters for assessment, archival & purging 
  • Fully certified archival for Oracle & SAP products
  • Easily Configurable
  • Highly Scalable
  • Built-in historical object archival dependencies
  • Reconciliation of archived data
  • Cataloging archived data
  • Workflows for data review & approval before purging
  • Parallel processing