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Use Cases

Product Valid Usecase
  • Understand what data is available, where it sits within the environment, and provides a lineage of how the data has evolved over time.
  • Improve the trust on your Enterprise data
  • Virtualize the Enterprise data in Indexing server to enable powerful enterprise wide search.
  • The Metadata of all the applications can be centralized
  • The relationship between objects within a single library can be showcased.
  • The lineage across objects existing in multiple libraries can be showcased.
  • The Data Profiling results for the Object and Fields can be visualized, along with functional dependency metrics.
  • Identify the Personally identifiable information (PII) from the structured, and unstructured data in your enterprise.
  • Organize your data using Business Glossary and Intelligent Tagging.


  • Data Catalog organizes the Enterprise wide data available for users to utilize with confidence.
  • Reporting Catalog organizes the Enterprise wide Reports available for users to utilize with confidence.
  • Data is centralized and virtualized. The indexed data is useful for search.
  • New Generation Reporting method using Data Catalog. Drill up and down the data searched and visualized.
  • Eliminate the Data breaches risk on your data.
  • Save a Ton of money and performance by Data Cataloging all your disparate applications.
  • Rapid implementation models:

                       6 weeks - Data Profiling/Registration

                       6 weeks - Metadata Management/Data Cataloging

  • High Performance
Product Benefits


Product Differentiators
  • Cloud First, Ease of use.
  • SECURE - Data can be encrypted both in motion and rest
  • Robust Profiling Engine for Structured and Unstructured Data.
  • Ready to use: Algorithms for identify over 100+ Categories with Sensitive data.
  • Ready to use: Data Virtualization using Solr.
  • Low code to No code
  • Smooth Implementation
  • Can handle high volume of data
  • Business rules engine for complex routing of metadata management and lineage tracking.
  • Ease of use