Best Practices: Data Reconciliation for Enterprise Application Integrations (EAI)


  Presentation on the solution - 15 Min

  Live Demonstration of the solution - 25 Min

  Question & Answers - 20 Min

Date & Time

  Feb 14,2018 | 1:30 PM EST


Best practices for reconciling data integrations across applications Data Integrations are complex for most organizations running hybrid applications. Reconciling these integrations becomes a big task, as most integration tools do not have out-of-the-box data reconciliation capabilities. This webinar will answer all your questions and knock out any data reconciliation fears about integration projects.


(1) Integration between Primavera P6 to SAP ECC and Oracle EBS/Fusion.

(2) Integration between Salesforce to SAP ECC and Oracle EBS/Fusion.


Chain-Sys' appCONNECTTM Platform is an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) solution. It is an 100% configurable tool to accomplish complex Integration needs, without any programming needed. appCONNECTTM is designed with technical, functional and business audience expectations in mind. The tool also offers data quality and data reconciliation tools as part of the integration platform. Ready-made and best practice templates are available for bi-directional integrations between Procore and SAP ERP Applications. These ready-to-use templates allow you to start your integration project with 80% of the work already finished.

The Chain-Sys appCONNECTTM Platform offers:

1. Ready-to-use data extraction templates for P6, Oracle and SAP.
2. Ready-to-use data load templates for P6, Oracle and SAP.
3. Best practice mappings available between P6 and SAP, as well as P6 and Oracle.
4. Data reconciliation available for integrations between P6 and SAP, P6 and Oracle.
5. Data quality and data enrichment are standard features which can help improve the data quality of your vendors.
6. The Chain-Sys Platform is certified by SAP and Oracle.
7. The Chain-Sys Platform is a CLOUD PLATFORM.
8. Chain-Sys offers free proof of concept (POC) for your data migration needs, letting you see the evidence of success before you buy the solution.

Sundu Rathinam

Sundu Rathinam - Data Architect & Supply Chain expert

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