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Data Management and Customer Experience: Friends or Foes? Join our client round table.

Date & Time

  Wednesday | July 22, 2020 | 01:30 TO 02:00 PM EST  

Anyone walking through corporate hallways today is very likely to hear words like data-driven decisions, big data, internet of things, customer-centric, personalization, data science, customer experience, etc. The question is how well do associates and executives understand how all these terms work together?

On July 22nd , Samir Mehta, having over 10 years experience serving as a Chief Data Executive in financial services, retail, and manufacturing industries, will be sharing his insights on how companies can bring these concepts together to build brand loyalty and increase revenue.

In this session you will gain insights on:

  • How the role of the CDO has changed over the past several years
  • Why companies struggle to bring data and customer experience together to provide insights
  • What could the next generation of data-driven customer experience look like?
  • How Chainsys has played a significant role in helping Vertiv along their journey.

This will be the first of a series of webinars featuring Samir while he talks through the different strategies and tools necessary to achieve a data-driven experience. We look forward to speaking with you on July 22nd from 1:30 – 2:00 PM for our first session.

Panel Member

Samir Mehta

Samir Mehta, Chief Data Executive at Vertiv Co ( Our Customer )

Samir has over 10 years’ experience serving as a Chief Data Executive in financial services, retail, and manufacturing industries directing global data transformation activities. His area of focus are Big Data Technologies, Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Stewardship, Master Data Management, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial intelligence, Robotics, IoT, and others.


Austin Davis

Austin Davis , Vice President

Vice President has over two decades of project experience in Oracle and SAP Enterprise applications, data management, cloud applications, security, network design, and systems integration, Austin is an expert in many areas of Enterprise software, cloud and data management, cloud deployment & integration. In his capacity as Vice President, Austin has been instrumental in addressing the functional and technical demands of the company including responsibility for Sales and Marketing, leading the Oracle and SAP services organization, building offshore capabilities in Asia, South America and the Middle East.