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  Presentation on the solution - 20 Min

  Question & Answers - 10 Min

Date & Time:

  Thursday | MAR 21, 2019 | 2:00 PM TO 2:30 PM EST  

  Tuesday | MAR 26, 2019 | 2:00 PM TO 2:30 PM EST  


  Business applications now manage very high data volumes... The effective movement of this data has become critical to daily operations. Maintaining usable quality is essential. Regardless of the Source and target stakeholders, both side demand responsiveness. Being able to meet all these requires is the ultimate goal.

  Today, most companies rely on feature rich tools to get this work done. However, there are specific "Process Strategies," along with deploying the best people that that allow the right tool to play a significant role tin agile methodoligies. This reduces risks while allowing Business Users access to correct, clean, consolidated, standardized and harmonized data early in any conversation project.

  The appMIGRATE Solution with its Data Mart & Template approach combined with the Chain-Sys detailed Process Strategies will be highlighted along with a brief Live Tool Demo showing how Cutover of large data volumes in under 48 Hours can be achieved.


Sundu Rathinam

Sundu Rathinam - Data Architect & Supply Chain expert

One of the founders, Sundu Rathinam is without doubt, part of a handful of people that are indispensable to The industry. With over 25+ years in the field, Sundu is an unsurpassed technical and functional guru, and has helped clients worldwide with solving some of their toughest challenges.