A webinar Round Table with our Client

Is IT prepared for Digital Transformation?
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Date & Time

  Wednesday | May 06, 2020 | 1:30 TO 2:00 PM EST; 10:30 TO 11:00 AM PST  

A successful Digital Transformation is about leveraging Enterprise Data to have better insight into the operations of the organization, improving/automating business processes, boosting Customer Experience, establishing data quality and governance, and taking advantage of the modern Enterprise Applications available in the market.

A few of the points:

  • Modern Business Applications
  • High-quality data in your Data lake
  • AI and ML algorithms for Predictive Analytics
  • Customer Experience (CX)


Soma Venkat

Dr. Soma Venkat, Ph.D. , Global Vice-President of Information Technology

Dr. Soma Venkat is a very successful IT senior executive, directing and executing IT strategies during all cycles of business, including start-up, high growth, downturns, and acquisition integration. Demonstrated leadership to impact immediate cost savings and fuel future business growth. He has worked extensively in the automotive industry.

Jennifer Marshalek

Jennifer Marshalek , Chief Experience Officer

Digital, customer experience and transformational leader. Executive and thought leader accomplished at improving total customer experience, achieving digital innovation, and ensuring the integrated success of the organization.


Austin Davis

Austin Davis , Vice President – Products

Greatly successful in providing IT organizations worldwide with the right software solutions and tools for migration, profiling, integration, and analysis of data.