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Data Simplifications and Data Governance for Master Data
(Customer Master, Vendor Master, Material Master, GL etc..)

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  Wednesday | Aug 21, 2019 | 2:00 PM EST = 11:00 AM PST  


Master data management (MDM) is one of the most widely adopted data management disciplines of recent years. That’s because the rules-driven definitions of business entities and the consistent application of them across an enterprise are critical success factors for important cross-functional business activities.

1:   Master Data is complicated.

2:   Master Data Governance (MDG) is mandatory.

3:   Data quality - Data Duplications and Data Structural Issues.

Complication of the Master data lies in the structure and all the essential field to be maintained accurately. Data Governance is needed for Registration, Onboarding, Updates and Offboarding processes. Without a flexible and configurable workflow-based processes for Data Governance, business can incur extra time for onboarding any new Master data and data quality may take a hit. The Master data onboard should also consider data quality and ensure that no duplicate records get in. Master data also needs additional data enrichment using the services such as DNB, USPS etc.


Chainsys appMDM offers a complete solution for Master data Governance, Master Data Simplification and Data Quality Management.

appMDM is a 100% configurable tool which helps the organization to create any screen replicating the SAP fields, Rules and Check table LOV's, all with no programming.

appMDM offers Templates for SAP master data for various Industry Solutions. CLOUD and On-Premise Deployment Models. The data governance model is highly configurable which can accommodate any complex needs for the following activities:

1:   Registration Process

2:   On-Boarding Process

3:   Update Process

4:   Append Process

5:   Off-Boarding Process

6:   Augmentation of the appMDM Screens to accommodate Dynamics UI Changes and Behavior

7:   Creating the Screen, Data model and Role based security

8:   Workflow for accommodating all the Data governance process in a simplified configuration.


Jose Cavazos

Jose Cavazos - Director of Strategic Accounts

Accomplished senior sales professional with more than 16 years’ global experience transforming organizations with innovative Enterprise and supply chain Cloud software, technology and services solutions.