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Easy Extension/Customization of Oracle Cloud Applications

Date & Time

  Thursday | Sep 05, 2019 | 11:00 AM PST to 2:00 PM EST  


Do not let Application Customizations weigh down your move to the Cloud

Extension/Customization of Oracle Cloud Applications is not as easy as extension/customization of Oracle EBS and other On-Prem Applications. Further, it is an expensive proposition on the Cloud.

The Chain-Sys Platform (Chain-Sys PaaS) offers a rapid, economical and innovative method to accomplish customizations and extensions of Oracle Cloud Applications.


Austin Arunasalam

Austin Arunasalam - Vice President

Vice President has over two decades of project experience in Oracle and SAP Enterprise applications, data management, cloud applications, security, network design, and systems integration, Austin is an expert in many areas of Enterprise software, cloud and data management, cloud deployment & integration. In his capacity as Vice President, Austin has been instrumental in addressing the functional and technical demands of the company including responsibility for Sales and Marketing, leading the Oracle and SAP services organization, building offshore capabilities in Asia, South America and the Middle East.

Prakash Karuppannan

Prakash Karuppannan - Mobility

Prakash having 8 years of experience in the enterprise mobility. Provided solution to Oracle, SAP, Salesforce users to see their enterprise data on mobile (Both online as well as offline). His enterprise mobility solution was awarded as best solution by Toyota Kirloskar Motors.