Round Table webinar
“30 minutes well spent” - Session 2

Efficient Digital Transformation Steps
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Date & Time

  Wednesday | July 24, 2020 | 1:30 TO 2:00 PM EST; 10:30 TO 11:00 AM PST  


In our previous "30 minutes well spent" session, we discussed “Is IT prepared for your Digital Transformation?” focusing on the three pillars People, Process and Data Readiness. Now in session 2, we will discuss modernizing enterprise applications, end to end ability to provide clean data in the earlier stages of transformation. The value proposition is that the ChainSys Smart Data Suite™ can bring ROI in months rather than years.

Digital Transformation Execution ChainSys Value Addition
Implement or Upgrade Enterprise Applications Data Quality Management and Data Migration
Data: get clean and stay clean Master Data Management and Data Governance
Derive business insights from data Ensure quality of data in the data lake. Ready to use Analytics. Customer 360, Product 360, Supplier 360 and others

ChainSys brings product innovation and process acceleration towards simplifying your digital transformation journey.

Join our round table discussion featuring Digital Transformation experts who will respond to your questions. They will share industry experiences on how to execute data driven strategies to realize operational and business values successfully.

Have your questions ready!


Sanjay Desai

Sanjay Desai , Chief Operating Officer

Mr Desai brings distinct business perspectives and insights that came from his global, diverse and cross-functional career of about 30 years that includes being the CIO and other senior leadership roles for General Electric and Lufkin Industries and M&A as well as the divestiture of Weatherford.

Ganesan Rathinam

Ganesan Rathinam , Managing Director

Currently is the Executive Director of Chain-Sys Corporation, USA focused on Finance for multiple operations across 3 regions. Before his current role with Chain-Sys, he was associated with Unisys Corporation.