Oracle EBS Technical Upgrade
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Accelerate your Oracle EBS R12.2 upgrade with ChainSys Smart Data Platform™

Date & Time

  Wednesday | July 29, 2020 | 02:30 PM EST; 11:30 AM PST  

Oracle is ending eBS R12.1.3 Premier Support… GOOD NEWS, ChainSys can accelerate your Oracle eBS R12.2 Upgrade. Automation help from ChainSys Smart Data PlatformTM makes this process smooth and streamlined.

Oracle announced the end of Premier Support for its EBS Suite Release 12.1 by December 2021. The exciting news is Oracle will be offering Premier Support for EBS R12.2.x through at least December 2031. Now is the time to make the upgrade to eBS R12.2.x!

Chain-Sys complements Oracle’s recommended upgrade with enhanced and accelerated approach with its Smart Data PlatformTM.

Please join this practical webinar and hear what our experts have to say.

In the coming weeks additional webinars will be scheduled to do an even deeper dive on the entire upgrade process and results including: Assessment, Remediation & Verification.

Upcoming deep dive Webinar Topics:

  • Assessment of your current eBS Environment for Data Readiness
  • In-depth CEMLI review & analysis with recommendations
  • Automated Testing of CEMLI & Business Functionality in the Upgraded System
  • Insight into your current Data Quality.
  • DQM Solutions
  • Clear recommendations for handling historical Data Archival & Purging
  • Setup Comparison & Reporting eliminating operational downtime
  • Assess impact on Business Functionality using Patch Simulation
  • Remediation Plans
  • Identify and solve Privacy and Compliance Requirements early
  • Dashboards & Reports for Reconciliation

ChainSys offers “End2End risk free Migration Solutions” to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks during your R12.2.x Upgrade Journey!


Sid Azhar

Sid Azhar, Vice President - Sales

Has in-depth understanding of challenges organizations face in their planning processes and management of multiple applications, while continuing to stay focused on core businesses processes. He has helped organizations navigate effectively through such challenges and growth.

Austin Davis

Austin Davis , Vice President - Products

Has over two decades of, experience in Oracle, SAP and other Enterprise applications, data management, cloud security, network design, and systems integration.