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Data & Setup Migration, Data Loading, Integration & Reconciliation

Lightning Fast
  • 53% of businesses undertake lift & shift projects with no strategy.
  • 80% of organizations will adopt cloud-based virtual automations by 2025.
  • 43% of Chief Data Officers spent more than planned on data transformation projects.

Why dataZap?

Any data transformation in today's landscape requires organizations to be nimble with their data. Data migrations, integrations & quality management top the list of priorities. Again, these are some of the most commonly cited reasons for failures. If you're in the middle of a digital transformation, here's why dataZap would be of help:
  • One platform for data reconciliation tools, setup migrations, integrations, big data ingestions, and archival
  • dataZap has 9000+ pre-built templates ensure coverage of more than 200 applications
  • Data quality engine has pre-configured rules to profile, clean, enrich & correct data
  • Configurable, agile, and low code/no code integration platform
  • Fully cloud-enabled ETL software so usage can be immediate
  • Pay only for the data you move.
Data Migrations

Data Migration

More data. In less time.

dataZap uses 9000+ ready to use data templates to speed up data mapping, transformation, pre-validation, reconciliation & reporting during a migration.

The only thing dataZap leaves behind is more time.

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Data Reconciliation

Data Reconciliation

Striking the right data balance.

dataZap is able to compare data across systems and reconcile to within a 6-sigma accuracy. Use dashboards to visualize & report discrepancies.

No data is lost in transition with data loading tools, and data audits always end in a win.

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Data Integration

Data Integration

Your organization's data pipeline.

dataZap's 9000+ API gateways ensure that multiple cloud & on-prem applications function as One business. A no-code approach .

Connect once. Use forever.

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