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In the blink of an AI.
  • 40% of users can't access data critical to their function.
  • 70% of execs delay decisions due to data unavailability or quality.
  • 50% of orgs say they can do more in data security and GRC.

Why dataZense data analytics solutions?

Making 'Zense' of data is a challenge for most companies. dataZense is an end-to-end analytics platform and data catalog software that integrates all of your company’s data, secures it, and brings it to life through easy-to-use dashboards. The Data Catalog helps look for needed data in an organization.  
  • 3000+ pre-built dashboards for analytics and visualization
  • Machine Learning meta data crawlers
  • 9000+ ready to use connectors for major Enterprise Applications
  • Analytical MDM engine to ensure quality data in your lake
  • Metadata management software
  • Data lineage and entity relationships for all data elements.
  • Implement GDPR, CCPA & local compliance guidelines. Opt-in/opt-out tracker
  • Scramble and mask PII and sensitive data
  • Govern access to your organization's data with ease
Data Analytics and Visualization

Data Analytics

Turn data into gold.

dataZense's business intelligence and data analytics tools use powerful AI-driven algorithms to drive predictive and prescriptive analytics. Ad hoc reports, predictive modeling and visualization of data across multiple dimensions are done with low code/no code.

Sound decisions based on facts. Goes beyond gut feeling.

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Data Cataloging

Data Catalog

Delve into the depths of your data - in a click.

dataZense's catalog tags and indexes make metadata easily searchable. Get Data lineage, entity relationships and a data dictionary, along with our one-of-a-kind 'Data Citizen' feature.

Fancy a quick swim in your Data lake?

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Data Security & Compliance

Data Security & Compliance

Tackling data breaches. One at a time.

dataZense's data security tools help organizations safeguard against internal & external breaches, scramble or mask PII data, and adapt with ease to GDPR, CCPA, OIOO (opt in opt out) and other local laws to remain compliant.

The coast is clear.

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