Data Quality Management

appMIGRATE provides extensive features and functions for Data Quality needs of Data Migration projects. The main features offered include:

      Data De-Duplication

      Data Cleansing

      Data Harmonization

      Data Consolidations

      Data Enrichments

      Data Standardization

appMIGRATE Data Migration process specifies Data Quality Management activities as “Mandatory” for all Data Migration projects. The DQM activity is generally carried out in the early phase of the project and it is a precursor to Data Migration activities. The appMIGRATE tool has powerful features to collect high volume of master data into its data mart for performing DQM activities. It uses consolidation algorithms along with Hadoop technology to identify the matches and no matches for the collected data. Provides a good user experience in classifying the matches into “false positives” or “false negatives”. When the user merges the matching records, individual values can be copied from one to another. Using “Merge” activity, data gets harmonized using data cross references.