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Master Data Management, Governance & Quality

Realize data Consciousness
  • Single Platform covering multiple domains and providing a holistic solution
  • Implement DQM and Data Governance rapidly
  • Excellent vehicle to implement effectively your Data Quality strategy

Why dataZen?

Every organization has concerns around data quality and consistency, and is in search of ways to 'Get Clean' and 'Stay Clean' - with respect to data. While there are numerous products that organizations adopt, dataZen master data management software offers all the advantages of an agile and configurable product. dataZen provides the necessary governance and ensures business discipline.
  • dataZen is a Single Platform for Data Quality Management (DQM), Governance & Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Multi-domain approach to MDM tools so nothing is left behind
  • Configurable and agile, with very little or no programming
  • Built-in data quality platform for profiling, de-duplication, consolidation and more
  • Easy-to-build workflows with data governance tools
  • Can be managed entirely by the business
  • Combines effective business discipline facets into an easy to use product
  • 9000+ data connection templates to 200+ Enterprise Applications, databases and data lakes
Data Quality Management

Data Quality

You can't compromise on Data Quality.

dataZen helps with Assessment, Profiling, Consolidation, Cleansing, Standardization, Harmonization, De-Duplication, and Enrichments of mission critical data.

A great way to 'Get Clean' and 'Stay Clean'.

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Master Data Management

Master Data Governance

Enforce business discipline.

dataZen helps with enterprise wide governance, configurable workflows, creating a universal data model and strictly managing data quality.

For all your Enterprise Applications. Low code/no code.

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Analytical MDM

Analytical MDM

Turn data you have into information you need.

dataZen's pre-built Customer 360, Product 360, Supplier 360, Employment 360, Assets 360 & Pricing 360 models enable a single view (source of truth) of master data across every single application.

Clean, accurate and usable data. Upstream and downstream.

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