Data Reconciliation Process

appRECONs' Reconciliation engine is used for validation of the Data Migration results. Also it is used for on-going ERP wellness activities.

Technical and Functional reconciliation is a mandatory step in Chain-Sys Data migration process. It ensures smooth transition to the target application. It also helps with the ongoing Data Maintenance efforts. appRECON consistently delivers 99.999999% data reconciliation success in every project.

appRECON tool provides out of the box data reconciliation processes and functions for both Technical and Functional reconciliations. The tool provides complete drill down capable dashboards for identifying the discrepancy between source and target systems.

After the go-live, appRECON helps you with the ongoing reconciliation needs between Sub Ledger and Main Ledger (Finance and Cost). Within Sub Ledger accounting, transactions and activities within modules are tracked and reported using this engine.