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Our Mission

At ChainSys, our Mission is to make Salesforce data management Smarter, Faster & Simpler. Our Salesforce data migration customers face unique challenges every day, and we’ve built our Salesforce MDM products ground-up to solve them. We’re different because our Salesforce data quality products are built from scratch. We believe expertise comes from building creative solutions to complex problems - not through company acquisitions.

Here’s our commitment to you:

  • Accelerated data management: reducing time & cost by 70% using pre-built adapters
  • 500+ Salesforce Adapters: For a variety of data management activities
  • Seamless Salesforce data integration: Synchronizing your apps with more than 200 other systems
  • Pay-as-you-use Pricing: You only pay for what you use.
  • Agile and configurable Salesforce data governance product that satisfies the needs of your data program
  • A proven process implemented in large and small enterprises
  • A passionate and dedicated group of people who work for your success
The solutions to these challenges are handled within the Smart Data Platform in a highly simplified manner. The Platform has a component based architecture, which enables you to license all components or pick and choose the ones you need

Let us see how each component can simplify data management for you.

Featured Clients

You guys are absolutely amazing.  To be able to reconcile a $419 Million AR balance to within $9.27 is incredible; it’s mind boggling.  Our previous partners have never seen this level of precision before, which is all the more impressive in light of the sizable balance involved and the complexity of our AR environment.

CFO at world's largest Document Management and Security Company

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Never before we had all data converted before the first test cycle. With this tool and the methodology, we are free to concentrate on other business and process issues.

ERP Practice head of a major Systems Integrator

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Data Conversion was a big part of enabling our successful milestone, ‘System Integration Testing’. ChainSys overcame many challenges, shortened the conversion cycle and completed conversions on time.

CIO of an iconic Energy Company

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ChainSys Clients - Keysight Technologies
ChainSys Clients - Canon
ChainSys Clients - CDM Smith
ChainSys Clients - Catholic Relief Services

Valid Use Cases

  • Data Migration from any legacy applications
  • Master data management for multi-domain and cross-domains
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  • Eliminate Data risks in data migration projects
  • Save over 40% cost and time in data migration projects
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  • Cloud-First and Ease of use
  • 10X better in features and technology, but 1/5X of Price
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Data Quality

Simplifying Master data creation by providing easy to use screens.
  • Cleanse, Transform, Enrich, Consolidate, Harmonize legacy data during migrations.
  • Automated merge of victim records with survivor records. Child level merge with selective fields for use available from victim records
  • Assess the data quality problem, plan for fixing the data issues with very little involvement from the Business owners.
  • Ongoing data quality health check measurement, active / passive data quality improvements
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Data Migration

Simplifies legacy data migration with 2000+ Pre-built Templates
  • Confidently approach data migrations with 2000+ ready to use templates
  • Helps with data extraction, validation, transformation, pre-load reconciliation, data correction, data enrichment, data construction, data loading and post-load reconciliations.
  • Highly repeatable and scalable
  • Achieve close to zero cutover timeline
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Data Integrations

Simplifies Data integrations with other applications by Reusing the migration templates
  • Reuse the templates configured for data migration. We see over 75% reuse of templates for integrations.
  • Simple drag and drop interface and exposing the source and target fields for mapping using Templates.
  • Clean audit trails, notifications and error corrections
  • Cloud to Cloud, Cloud to On-Premise and On-Premise to On-Premise data integrations can be achieved
  • Highly scalable synchronous, synchronous and batch Integrations.
  • Out of the box support for more than 200 endpoints. Supports Rest and SOAP API’s.
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Mass Data Loading

Simplifies loading bulk data from Excel Spreadsheets, Office 365 or Google Sheets. 1500+ Templates available.
  • Business user friendly - humanized design
  • Can load excel data into MSD 365, Oracle eBS, Cloud, JDE, PeopleSoft, and other applications with no programming
  • Excel sheets can be modified according to your need. Bulk row updates or single field updates possible.
  • Provides simple way to extract data from Oracle into Excel spreadsheets
  • MSD 365 Security rules are honored
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Application Customizations

Simplifies  Customizations
  • Create powerful applications in less time and effort.
  • Cost effective solution for all your application needs
  • Built-in layouts available for screen design. Custom layouts can also be created to suit your needs.
  • Internationalization i18n enabled. Translations available for international languages.
  • Battle tested application used by large and small enterprises.
  • No programming skills required.
  • High focus on Customer Experience
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Master Data Governance

Simplified on boarding of Master Data
  • Configurable screens, data models, workflows and business rules. This applies for the master data request, registration, data validation, data collection and data approvals.
  • Supports 200+ domains including Item Master, Customers, Suppliers, Bills of Material, Routing, Formula, Recipe, Chart of Accounts, Users, Price Lists, Enterprise Assets, Fixed Assets, Equipment Master, etc.
  • Supports modification of workflows in all the master data templates.
  • Supports any number of actions to the master data such as add new “Sold To”, add new “Ship To”, inactivate “site”, inactivate “Component”, add new “Substitute Component”, add a new “Substitute Resource” and many more. These actions are 100% configurable, flexible and simple to use.
  • Implementation time is 6 to 9 weeks.
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Master Data Simplification

Simple screens to maintain master data.
  • Provides role based, simplified screens for creating and modifying master data records
  • Configure business rules, defaulting rules and exception messages with no programming.
  • Implementation time is less than 4 weeks.
  • 40+ out-of-the-box screens available for more than 200 master data domains. These simplifications are available for transactional data also.
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Data Archival

ChainSys offers a Hadoop based innovative Archival Solution at an accessible cost, enabling a 70% reduction in cost and time.
  • Archive historical data for Salesforce, MSD 365, Oracle eBS, Oracle Cloud, JDE, PeopleSoft, SAP ECC, S/4HANA, or any ERP or non-ERP application.
  • Intuitive dashboards to visualize data. Retention rules can be achieved using these dashboards.
  • Pre-built templates for accelerated archival.
  • MSD 365 Look alike screens to view the archived data over Hadoop. The screens can be called directly from MSD 365 applications through SSO.
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Data Masking

Simplifies identification, masking, scrambling & encryption of sensitive data to avoid data breaches.
  • Implement ML algorithms to identify PII/Sensitive data in your enterprise applications.
  • Data Citizen feature to approve the sensitive data identified.
  • Data Governance processes to implement data retention policies.
  • Remediate PII/Sensitive data in non-production and production instances through Data Masking, Scrambling and Encryptions.
  • Retain the lineage of data across applications even after the remediation.
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API Gateways

Simplifies Integration using our out of the box API’s for Salesforce and 200 other endpoints
  • 2000+ API’s available for Salesforce, Oracle CX, MSD 365, MSD AX, MSD NAV, SAP, Oracle, Workday, etc.
  • API’s help with data extraction, data loading, data mappings from source to target with No Programming
  • API’s are published as REST Service.
  • Integrations are 5x faster.
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Data Catalog

Simplifies metadata management, lineage, data virtualization, data indexing, global search, and data governance activities (Supports structured and unstructured data)
  • Understand what data is available, where it sits within the environment, and provides a lineage of how the data has evolved.
  • Organize/combine metadata to create a hierarchical structure
  • Centralizes metadata into a single source that gives users a view of what data the organization possesses.
  • Translates metadata into business terms that users can understand. Curate business context for easy reference
  • Google-like search engine for data, metadata, and reports. Drill down capability on data results using the data lineage.
  • Supporting data governance and sensitive data (PII) protection
  • Preconfigured metadata, relationships, and the lineage for over 50 enterprise applications.
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Regression Testing

Simplifies Regression testing, Performance and load testing.
  • Templated approach functional testing. Thousands of pre-built test automation templates.
  • Simulate day-in-the-life testing scenarios by using Smart BOTS to perform various transactions simultaneously.
  • Check performance on transactions using BOTS.
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Data Visualization

Harness the power of your Enterprise application now with dataZense’s Data Visualization features
  • 1000+ data objects which can synchronize ERP data into big data lakes such as MongoDB, In-memory Data grid, Hadoop and Elastic Search
  • Business users can configure dimensions and KPI’s for data visualization.
  • 300+ chart types available. Group multiple views as a Dashboard
  • Take action on the data such as rescheduling the sales order line, changing the safety stock levels, posting journals, purchase order mass close, sales order mass close, production order mass close or change scheduled dates, components, resources and many more.
  • Business reporting or ad-hoc reporting is also available for most of the MSD 365 modules
  • Readily available in Cloud & on-prem.
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Data Recovery

Data recovery is a big challenge. There is no automated ways to recover, when data gets corrupt. Only option is to redo all the transactions in the right chronological order manually. This is really cumbersome and error prone.
  • Chain-Sys Platform provides out of the box solution for Data Recovery.
  • Available in both Cloud and On-Premise offerings at an affordable cost.
  • Our clients have recovered even weeks worth of transactions using the Chain-Sys Platform.
  • No Programming approach. Very simple to configure and use in less than 6-8 weeks.

Data Reconciliation

Simplifies data reconciliation and validations Reconciles to a 6-sigma confidence level
  • Reconcile source legacy data and transformed source data
  • Reconcile and validate the transformed source data against target data
  • Pass Data audits confidently with automated reporting
  • Seamless collaboration between the data migration team and the business. Business engaged from initial stages of the project and takes ownership of their data.
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