#BeConnected Virtual Conference 2022
Held on 12-14 October

Educational and Insightful Sessions Presented by ChainSys and Industry Experts

Opening Session

The ChainSys #Beconnected Virtual Conference was held between 12th-14th October 2022 and the event opened with a bang when our CEO came to the forefront to discuss the future of Data and where we see ourselves becoming pivotal in that future.

Sundu Rathinam

Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Importance of Data in Pharma and Consumer Development

There are many opportunities for the pharma and consumer industries to leverage data to enable a stronger business by creating differentiated products that are patient and consumer-centric. The industry has not fully unlocked these opportunities given the highly regulated nature of this area. This session will provide examples of areas that can be transformed using data analytics and digital transformation such as:

  • Predicting patient/consumer trends far in advance
  • Leveraging historic data to enable new innovations
  • Identifying decades of data with speed
  • Responding to regulatory environment driven requests with urgency
  • Product development using predictive modelling
  • Digital upskilling and mindset shift

Vidhu Bansal Dev

Vice President Rx to OTC Switch and Digital
Transformation, R&D at GlaxoSmithKline

Solution #1: How To Create Your Data Driven Organization

Data-driven decision making is increasingly key to the success of every organization. As the data revolution continues to change every facet of business and society, for-profit and non-profit organizations alike are realizing significant benefits from incorporating data into strategic and operational decisions.

In this presentation, Philip will discuss how to create your data-driven organization, and the important roles that data analytics, AI and active metadata management play.

Philip Viyagappa

Solution Architect

Solution #2: Why Data Management Automation Holds the Key to Business Operations and Growth

Presently, digital disruption is affecting every business sector. Thus, businesses are looking for transformative solutions to get ahead of the competition while making internal processes easier. This transformative next step means implementing Data Management Automation. Automated Data Management tools are intelligent solutions to streamline enterprise-wide Data Management tasks. As part of the Modern Data Stack, these tools are hosted in the cloud, enabling organizations to have highly efficient data integration. There are multiple benefits of adopting these modern technologies which have a direct impact on business growth and operations. Some of these benefits include:

  • Handle Large Volume of Data at Scale
  • Improve Data Quality
  • Facilitate Global Working
  • Guarantee Top-Notch Security
  • Optimized Data Access

ChainSys simplifies this entire process of automation and integration through a single-platform approach that ensures governance and security. Once systems are set up to be automated, optimized data processing will eventually lead to single-source truth analytics that will help organizations achieve direct and indirect business success through informed and sustainable decision-making.

Amarpal Nanda

President-EDM and Chief BDO

Data Transformation key for successful ERP migration

  • Smarter approach for data extraction, transformation, migration, and validation can make or break an ERP program
  • End to End visibility and drill down are key to obtain business acceptance
  • Automated approach is necessary when millions of records across tens of table with hundreds of attributes are involved
  • Reliable validation approach are key to minimize downtime during production cutover

Senthil Kumar Thirunavukkarasu

VP Enterprise Applications,
Western Digital

Data Analytics in the Energy Space

After a slow start, digital transformation investment in the energy sector is rapidly accelerating as companies seek to lower the cost of production, improve ESG performance and navigate the energy transition. Leveraging experience from across the energy sector we will highlight best practices and lessons learned from the energy sector’s digital transformation front line – describing how executives and investors can ensure ambitious digital and technology transformation programs actually translate into the delivery of tangible shareholder value.

Colin Davis

Former Oil Company Head of Strategy & Digital Transformation Executive

Solution #3: Your Integration Strategy Is Your Modernization Strategy

Modernizing your enterprise is not a sprint, it is a marathon and constant endeavor to align and realign digital capabilities with the business capabilities your customers, stakeholders, and regulators demand, today and tomorrow. Your integration platforms and strategies are  key enablers to your modernization success.

Modern enterprises are composed of dozens of critical business capabilities, enabled by hundreds of digital applications, producing and consuming thousands of critical data objects, powered by ever-evolving technologies. Each component moves through its lifecycle from acquisition to implementation, to service life, to upgrade or retirement. Operationally, your integration platforms must support and orchestrate millions of complex interactions each day, while strategically, your integration platforms must also adapt as components evolve.

Craig Pinegar

Customer Experience Officer

Hands-on Training Session: Data Migration, Integration, Ingestion Overview - dataZap

dataZap is a Data Integration and Migration tool. It helps to do Data Ingestion by collecting raw data from different sources and loading it into a Data Warehouse/Data lake. Using dataZap you can orchestrate seamless Data Integration. It also helps to do Data Migration, Data Transformation, Data Validation, and Data Reconciliation.

Rathinakannan Rajagopal

Data Migration & Integration expert

Day 2

Opening Session

Digital Transformation - A Historic Perspective

Ganesan Rathinam

Executive Director & Co-founder

Data Analytics in Investment Management - Competing for Your Money

Investment management without data is like eating a steak without a knife. It's tough. The Hedge fund industry is an over $5 trillion dollar industry and the competition is cut throat. Increased volatility along with increasing company data increases the bar on data management to generate cutting-edge insights to put on the best trade. The importance of bringing in high-quality market data, combined with investment analytics and technical analysis is critical for making the right decisions at the right time.

Sanjay Bhatia


Technology: ChainSys Data Management Platform

The volume of data generated is ever expanding, that managing and distributing accurate and timely data across the organization needs the assistance of highly automated technology solutions. It is important that data from multiple disparate sources are consolidated to a centralized Data Store. Profiling, data quality, and data integration or migration are three business practices that go together in the Data Management Solution. Technology used by the tools and solutions are important. Chain Sys Data Management Platform provides the entire data management as a simplified solution. This session will give you a glimpse of the technology that is used to provide the solution.

Subash Elango

Vice President, Product Management

Driving Innovation Through Data, Energy & Technology

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Brad Beitler

Executive VP & CTO
Former Energy Company

Solution #4: How To Structure a Purposeful Digital Transformation

Digital transformation in very simple terms is the adoption of digital technology by an organization to improve efficiency, innovate and create value to the customers. It’s also a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment and realign the organization to put technology at the heart.Data is to the core of digital transformation. It means optimization throughout the enterprise and its ecosystem. With an intelligent, data-driven approach, businesses gain a unique insight into their operations and customers.ChainSys is a proven leader of Smart Data Platform and Enterprise Solutions for all your needs on Integrations, Master Data management, Data Governance, Security and Data Science.We help organizations to leverage the data to create business value."

Praveen Deshpande

Chief Delivery Officer

Solution #5: Data Purification and Making the Right Decisions with Single Source of Truth

The success of any digital transformation program depends not only effective improvement in the processes but also your ability to use the data effectively as a fuel to empower the transformation rather than just a bi-product of your business processes. Data has those foundation values that it can help you make right decisions and possibly change the nature of the business.As part of this session, Sachin would like to discuss how right data quality management approach can help you unleash the potential of good quality data to actually confirm your digital transformation in true sense.1. The importance of Single Source of truth for your master data during and after the transformation and how to achieve that.2. How to get the required involvement from various stakeholders in your organization from your “Get Clean” state to “Stay Clean” state3. How to get value out of your master data from compliance to better analytics using data Governance4. How to meet Customer experience & transformational goals while setting up your data management strategy."

Sachin Kokane

Business Unit leader, Data Quality & MDM

Hands-on Training Session: Data quality and Master Data Governance Overview - dataZen

dataZen is a Single Platform for Data Quality Management (DQM), Governance & Master Data Management (MDM) with Multi-domain approach .Easy to Configure or Enable the Workflow and Data Quality rules with very little or no programming. DataZen helps to fix the Data Quality issues such as duplicates, fragmentation and inconsistency.It helps to establish the master data governance rules to create a single source of truth.

Anbarasan Murugan

Project Manager, dataZEN Product

Day 3

Hands-on Training Session: Data Analytics, Data Privacy and Data Catalog, dataZense

The dataZense data visualization tool transforms data into rich visuals for organizing and analyzing. The Data Catalog component of dataZense offers collection of metadata, combined with search, data, and metadata management tools. Sensitive data in both production and non-production environments needs to be identified and protected with data security tools. Using dataZense for Data Security, you can avoid internal and external data breaches and have simple simple sensitive data management.

Dharmaraja Muthukrishnan

Product Architect of Data Zense

Hands-on Training Session: Setup Migration and Test Automation BOTs Oracle Cloud ERP Applications - SmartBOTS

SmartBOTS is a Business Process Automation (BPA) tool developed by ChainSys.The purpose of this abstract is to discuss the various advantages of integrating robotics into the automation environment. SmartBOTS captures user actions and automates them by repeating them on a Graphical User Interface (GUI). With this, records can be updated to the intended fields and loaded with preconfigured steps using Layouts & Playbacks. With Robotic Automation in place, repetitive and routine tasks that consume thousands of hours of human effort can be significantly reduced. The product is primarily used for Setup migration, Autonomous Regression Testing, Process Automation, Load and Performance Testing, and Patch Analysis.

Purushothaman Manmathan

Project Lead, AppBOTS

Hands-on Training Session: No Code/ Low Code Application Builder - Smart App Builder

The Smart AppBuilder product helps end-users to create a customized application. An end user can design any web & mobile application effortlessly by using the Smart AppBuilder Product. The key advantage of this product is, it works on no code / low code app development platform. Here we can learn how to create a non-coding application. It's a simple process of drag and drop the design tool to create an application. The major three process hierarchies for constructing a non-coding application are object, layout & application creation. Users can customize the application even more, by using the various features.

Omprakash Kamaraj

Senior Functional Consultant • CX

Malathi Murugan

Smart App Builder Specialist