Data Scrambling Tool for Oracle EBS

If your company is running Oracle HR, Payroll or Oracle Financials, you know what kind of sensitive information it contains. You also know how catastrophic it would be for your employees or your customers if the data fell into unauthorized hands. That’s why you need Silhouette™ software to mitigate against internal data loss.

Silhouette™ software uses an application intuitive scrambling technology that ensures that the protection and referential integrity of the sensitive personnel and financial data in your non production environments remains usable and intact. Silhouette™ is able to maintain this data integrity without going directly against the database when updating and concealing the sensitive information.

Businesses today are more security conscious than ever before, especially with over 160 million data records exposed since February 2005. With the most vulnerable records holding human resource, payroll and financial information, it is incumbent on IT, Human Resource and Privacy professionals to manage this sensitive data responsibly and respectfully.