74 Legal Entities and Ledgers Created in 30 days


Client Overview

A leader in the aviation industry that specializes in air transport communications and IT solutions.

The organization employs close to 5000 people across 197 countries. With over 2800 customers, they are a household name in the aviation industry, and provide unique services that covers close to 90% of flyers.

Project Scope

The organization adding 74 new entities across the globe necessitated a rapid expansion plan which included the implementation of multiple instances of Oracle ERP and their configuration. Here’s what the scope included:

  • 74 new entities to be setup, in addition to more than 350 existing entities 
  • All 74 instances to be operational within a 6 week period.
  • To Setup of 74 entities from a given set of predefined data that would be made available.
  • To create and deploy the new 74 entities setups in 2 Sprints:

                     1. First Sprint to setup 6 entities 

                    2. Second Sprint to setup other 68 entities

                     3. To deploy 74 new entities into Production

The detailed level scope, of the ERP modules and its respective setups are shown below:

General Ledger

Create New Legal Entity, Ledgers, Document sequence, security rule. Inclusion of ledger in Ledger sets, CV rules, Auto Post Criteria, lookups, request sets

Accounts Payables

Setup Security Profile options, Financials Options, Payables Options, Report Definition in SLA, Sequential Numbering, 

Sequential Numbering Assignment, Add new program to for entity parameter to AP request sets, Add new entity value sets and Payment Process Profiles

Accounts Receivables

Set AR Profile options at org level, Setup AR Transaction Type, Auto Accounting setup, Item Validation Organization, Remit To Address, Transaction Source, System options, Document Sequence, addition to AR Request Set 

Fixed Assets

Book Control creation, Asset Categories Creation, Add Entity to FA request Set


Setup Internal AP Supplier , Internal customer, Intercompany Org, Customer Site, Supplier Site, Customer and Supplier Associations, Org Access assignments 


Setup Party Tax Profiles, Subscribe New Entity to Regime, Add Tax Accounts, Subscribe New Entity to Cross-Border regimes, Entity based Tax Rules


Setup iExp Context, expense template, Self-Service (Custom functionality), various schedules, , Exchange Rate Behavior, Audit Rules, Detection Rules

Oracle Projects

Setup Implementation Options, Rate Schedules, Project Types, Templates, Template Task Structure, Receiver Controls, Auto Accounting Rules, Labor Costing Rules

Oracle Time and Labor

Setup Preferences, TK Group and entity specific responsibilities


Setup Inventory Organization, Approval Group, Approval Group Assignment, Purchasing Options, Receiving Options, Document Types, Tolerances Setup, profile options, lookups


Creation of Content Zones and Smart form, Assign Content Zones and Smart forms to Stores, Personalization for new entity specific Requester responsibility

Business Situation

The business was running on Oracle eBusiness Suite R12.2.7. Planning was done on Hyperion, and OBIA was used for Reporting. The integrations across them needed to be seamless.

New entities were created manually, on a need basis, such as an acquisition or for legal / business requirements. The manual process was extremely time consuming, and was prone to rework and errors. 

They were in dire need of an automated process with the ability to learn from previous mistakes.

Technical Situation

The organization had heavily customized their existing applications, which meant the 74 new entities also had to have them. Improving  and maintaining  data quality was also of utmost importance.

They were also in need of a governance process to ensure that data is kept clean. 

The biggest challenge technically was to enable a repeatable process that can satisfy their needs, and have a success rate of at least 90%. This was achieved by the following approach:

  • Data Profiling and Data Cleansing was made mandatory for all master data
  • Global data cleansing to be carried out for the entire 74 entities before migration
  • Centralized setup data management to create and maintain chart of account mappings within Oracle EBS applications
  • Provide BR100 documentation for the new 74 entities to ensure continuity and proper audit


While the implementation of 74 instances in 6 weeks sounds like a herculean task, there were a few strategies that helped the business achieve the seemingly impossible:

  • Readymade Templates for Oracle EBS R12 to extract, transform, load & cleanse master data, setups & transactions.
  • Setup Progression across EBS Instances was made repeatable through dataZap. The following functions were at 94% accuracy by project go-live:

                 1.  Legal Entity Copy

                 2. General Ledger Copy

                 3. Operating Unit Copy

                 4. Inventory Org Copy

                 5. Other Subledger Modules Copy

  • Workflow for Setup Progression across EBS instances to ensure proper governance
  • Compare Setups with Comparison reporting to save time and migrate only incremental setups.
  • BR100 Automated Electronic Reporting.

Here’s the high-level logical flow that constituted the repeatable solution:



  • Clean Setup data lead to greatest benefit for Operational excellence. Data quality of 94% was achieved by go-live
  • Automated setup migration reduced 75% efforts on the overall project timelines. 
  • System generated BR100 documentation submission resulting in timeline reduction and easier instance copying.
  • Reconciliation of setups and data to a 6 sigma confidence level

Products and Services Used

dataZap - Pre-Configured Templates & Migration Engine to Extract, Transform, Pre-Validate, Load, Reconcile & Report.


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