A Product Lifecycle Management Transformation

Hi Tech Manufacturing

Client Overview

A rapidly growing engineering and manufacturing organization, located in the midwest, with a turnover of a little over $4 billion.

The organization is engaged in designing, building, and servicing infrastructure for data centers, communication towers, and commercial/industrial facilities.

The organization has over twenty thousand employees worldwide, twenty five  manufacturing and assembly facilities, and an established local presence across six countries.

Project Scope

The scope of the project included data migration from multiple home-grown Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) systems, multiple instances of Teamcenter, multiple instances of Agile PLM (8.5 & 9.3) into Oracle PLM Cloud. Client had taken a major business digital transformation initiative and this PLM project is an important part of the overall program.

Every business unit maintained their own home-grown PLM systems, Teamcenter and Agile PLM.   There were several versions and duplicates and no ownership of the Product data. Client wanted to bring all the product data into Oracle PLM Cloud application and provide access to all the business applications, thus laying the foundation for the Oracle Item master.

The scope also included conversion of non traditional data formats such as drawings, datasheets, and unstructured data files. Historical data migration was also undertaken as part of the project.

The scope was also extended to establishing the data governance for on-going quality assurance by leveraging the tool.

The timeline was tight and multiple data migration cycles had to be run in parallel, aligning with the implementation life cycle of the digital transformation program.

Business Situation

The business was running in silos and there was no synergy in the products across the business units. There were more than 1.5 million Items with 8.5 million rows in Bills of Materials. The product attachments were more than 2.5 million and there were 2.2 million changes to the database.  The duplicates had to be removed and data to be cleansed and validated against dataZen - the master data platform,  before migration.

The Transformation program was run in multiple waves and each wave had four iterations for CRP, SIT, UAT and PROD. The PLM data had to be fine tuned on every cycle and iteration.

Technical Situation

Data had to be extracted from multiple applications and represented at the attribute level to the business for taking ownership. Multiple formats, huge volume and multiple runs posed a challenge to consolidate clean data before loading into Oracle PLM cloud.

Once loaded, the PLM data was used as the reference by all other Oracle cloud applications. The front end screens were not user friendly, and had to be modified to reflect a user-centric design for review and correction. In addition, the business had to introduce governance for new data creation, and cleanse bad data, which were done with the help of dataZap & dataZen.


ChainSys deployed its proprietary data migration platform, dataZap for mapping multiple source applications to Oracle PLM Cloud with industries best-practices in data conversion & transformations flows. This helped reduce the time dramatically. ChainSys used dataZen’s governance features for Data Validation and built the Cloud PLM screens and populated the data for the users to validate.

The centralized hub for all source instances data was provided by dataZen. Data cleansing and transformation were performed based on the cross-reference data.

Data Reconciliation was carried out after the data load is complete for all source and target instances at attribute level with Pre and Post-Load validation reports and dashboards.

Depending on the phase of the implementation,  delta / incremental extraction and loading was carried out on select sources.

ChainSys Capability to Extract and Delete Attachments, Mass upload Physical files into Oracle PLM cloud were of great help.



The business goal was achieved in creating a quality Product database, which was shared across multiple business units. Now, there is one Product reference across the organization. The Product versions are  easy to maintain in Oracle PLM cloud.

The benefits brought by Chainsys tools were:

  • A 30% reduction in repetitive business functions. 
  • 66% reduction in time taken to develop data migration methodology &  execute.
  • Downtime to create and deliver reports was reduced by 50% 
  • Increased data quality by at least 20% led to improved decision making
  • Reusable templates to migrate objects between source and target application for different test cycles, ensuring a 60-70% repeatability.
  • Improved user experience with dataZap & dataZense. User experience & satisfaction was rated 9.3 out of 10
  • Ability to load data into different instances (EBS, Oracle Cloud, SAP, etc.,) for all master and transaction objects. Bulk data load in Parallel & in Batches.
  • Tools capability in managing file attachments in extraction, loading and validation.

Products and Services Used

dataZap - Pre-Configured Templates & Migration Engine to Extract, Transform, Pre-Validate, Load, Reconcile & Report.

dataZen - To 'Get Clean' and 'Stay Clean', and Introduce Master Data Governance.


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