Archive and Purge Simplified

Hi Tech Manufacturing

Client Overview

Manufacturer of a wide variety of highly engineered Capacitors and Microwave to Millimeter Wave components for use in applications like medical, electric vehicles, and 5G market segments. Radar, pacemakers, MRI equipment, satellites, airplanes, electric vehicles and mobile phone base stations are just a few of the places used by the products.

Key Facts:

  • Founded in 1946.
  • Operations in USA, United Kingdom, Denmark, Japan, China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Philippines and Malaysia
  • Develops Miniature Microphone and Receiver for Hearing aids
  • Introduce acoustic device for global consumer electronics
  • Introduce World’s first MEMS microphone for SI Sonic Serious
  • Develops World first digital microphone supporting ultrasonic bandwidth

Project Scope

Reduce and Maintain Database volume to 50% from current size (11TB). Apply Purge activities in regular intervals.

Business Situation

Business application Database volume is high (11TB) by reason of 20 years of data. Database size grows uncontrollably year by year. Test Instance Clone activity consumes more time for every clone when compared with previous clones. System performance is getting slow, Planned to Upgrade application from lower version to Higher Version.

As a result, the manufacturer decided to find opportunity to Archive and Purge the data and implement this process easier to perform consistently in the future.

Technical Situation

Data growth is rapidly high for every quarter hence database size is getting enlarged. This leads to investment in Hardware upgrades. Users need to find the range where business can purge the data. At the same time business impact comes due to purge activities. Also data should be archived before doing the purge.


The solution proposed was dataZense (a cloud-based Data Analytic solution) that runs on the ChainSys Smart Data Platform. dataZense comes with prebuilt templates for ERP applications, thereby reducing the effort and time involved in Data Assessment. This enables Data Statistics and Data Purge Assessment Dashboards. dataZense is based on Web-service based architecture and is fully configurable to suit the business needs. Hence retention policies are quickly implemented in dataZense. This improved the business process and reduced the training needs as the screens can be quickly configured based on the user role.

ChainSys resources are familiar with most major ERP solutions. This enabled the team to operate virtually and in a self-sufficient manner thereby reducing the load on the IT team and the Business users.



The implementation of dataZense was done in an agile manner with the first round of testing starting in 5 Weeks. Agile execution is enabled by the use of templates and a configurable and no programming approach to the solution process. With a minimal footprint and virtual team operation, all the activities are fully automated.

As expected by the Customer opportunity came to reduce 60% of the DB size by performing purge activity. Business performs this activity for every clone till this is implemented in Production.

Below some Key Benefits:

  • Database size no longer grows uncontrollably
  • System Performance Increases
  • IT Cost Reduction – Expensive Processing / Hardware Upgrades Avoided
  • Reduction timelines for Clone Activity
  • Reduction timelines for application upgrades

Products and Services Used

1.   dataZense was used for Data Analytical and Archive and Purge Data

2.   dataZense along with Future Growth Predictions.

3.   dataZense Cloud Implementation Virtual Teams, based globally, providing 24/7 support as required.


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