Building a Customized Project Management System in Days

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Client Overview

The client is one of the largest and most diversified global business houses. Its main interests straddle Construction, Education, Information Technology, Real Estate, Shopping & Retail, Sports & Leisure, and Services. The client Group's geographical domain spans over half the world from North America to North Africa, West, and South Asia. The group has an employee base of over 5,000, and its current aggregate annual turnover stands at USD 3 billion approximately.

Project Scope

The client wants a cloud-based project management application to manage their Project, task, timesheet activities. Using this application project can be planned, organized, and managed by efficiently assigning the resources to the Project and tracking the project progress. A diverse project report based on the teams, schedules, and finances can be generated.

Business Situation

Project resources are spread worldwide, and still, the Project expects to work seamlessly and smoothly and produce high-quality outcomes.

Project Managers have been making do with the firing of instructions over email with all sorts of attachments. A slightly better scenario has been that they kept the documents in a shared repository and sent links and instructions over email. Organizing and maintaining all these Project data and records is tedious manual work and takes away the time and energy of even the most diligent Project Managers. When the tedious work is taken off the back of Project Managers, we can expect them to concentrate more on Project Risks, Costs, Scope, and Quality.

Technical Situation

The client has a third party system to create and manage support tickets. It should be integrated with the project management application. Whenever new tickets are made in the ticketing system, it should be integrated with the project management application. It will be identified and attached to the appropriate Project, and the task will be generated and assigned to the particular team. Every status change of the ticket should be updated back to the ticketing system immediately. Business users also require multiple reports that need to be generated automatically and shared with a group of people.


Chainsys proposed the Smart App Builder platform, which has project management as a standard application. It has the following features,

  1. Project tracker
  2. Task creation and allocation
  3. Timesheet Management with approval
  4. Detailed project plan



Chainsys offers cloud-based project management applications with which the Project can be planned, organized, and managed by assigning the Project's resources and efficiently tracking the project progress. A diverse project report based on the teams, schedules, and finances can be generated.

Tasks can be Viewed, and a Timesheet can be Entered and approved against the functions in various forms, Such as 

  • Today's Tasks
  • Week Tasks
  • Month Tasks
  • History
  • Workbench
  • Timesheet Approval

Apart from the Timesheet Entry, Tasks Can be Created and Approved by the End-User (Project User) if they have appropriate rights.

Products and Services Used

Smart App Builder - To create a new web based or mobile based application. To enhance an existing process by customizing or extending applications.

dataZense - To Visualize, Analyze, Catalog and Scramble Data for Effective Decision Making & Security.


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