Building Data Inquiry Screens for a Data Archive


Client Overview

The client is a leading pharmaceutical company operating globally. The client implemented the SAP S4/Hana system for its ERP operations, and they are migrating their ERP system from JD Edwards to SAP S4/Hana. They are planning to retire the JD Edwards; before that, they wanted to archive their transaction data for future uses and easy retrieval. This is highly required for an audit or data mining and analysis purposes. The client approached ChainSys to provide data archival solutions using its Smart Data Platform and Smart App Builder product features.

Project Scope

The client’s legacy application was JD Edwards. The scope of the project was to archive ~1000 master and transaction objects before retiring the JD Edwards system. The archived data needs to be stored in Microsoft Azure Cloud. The inquiry screens for all the objects need to be created to access the archived data for an audit or data mining and analysis. The inquiry screens should have the ability to apply search criteria, data export, and PDF print features similar to the existing system (JD Edwards)

Business Situation

A high volume of historical data is available in the JD Edwards database. Due to the data volume and the system efficiency, they are not migrating any historical transaction data into the SAP S4/Hana system. To avoid the license cost, the business team planned to archive the historical data and retire the JD Edwards system.

Technical Situation

Historical transaction data are required for audition purposes only. So the business team may require inquiry screens and data export options. For this purpose, they don't want to maintain their existing ERP system. The historical data needs to be migrated into the data lake, and simple enquired screens need to be developed.


The solution was proposed using Smart App Builder and DataZap. DataZap has prebuilt templates for data migration. Historical data migrated from JD Edwards to Azure Cloud Data Lake using DataZap. It’s fully configurable.

And also provided the application inquiry screens to view the archival data for Auditing purposes. The inquiry screens are developed using Smart App Builder's no-code environment. It’s fully configurable, reducing the effort and time involved in screen development for all the objects.



Data archival for the JD Edwards application retirement allows the application and the supporting hardware and software stack to be decommissioned. The Archival solution eliminates recurring costs such as licensing, maintenance, and application administration costs, representing potential savings. Also noteworthy are the space savings and reduction of power consumption in the data center when applications are retired.

Here Smart App Builder helps business users to get similar screens to view their historical data and get the required information as well as reports.

Products and Services Used

Smart Builder - To create a new web based or mobile based application. To enhance an existing process by customizing or extending applications.

dataZap - Pre-Configured Templates & Migration Engine to Extract, Transform, Pre-Validate, Load, Reconcile & Report.

dataZense - To Visualize, Analyze, Catalog and Scramble Data for Effective Decision Making & Security.


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