Carve Out: A Hi-tech Giant's Divestiture

Hi Tech

Client Overview

Client is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets, and provides laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications and expertise. They are headquartered in California, and are global leaders in the lab equipment space. The organization decided to split into two separate companies, and a new electronic measurement company was formed as part of this divestiture.

Project Scope

Scope for the divestiture included -

  • Migration of more than fifty  setup objects from one business unit to many
  • 8,000 cross-validation rules that needed to be executed to ensure data integrity
  • 10,000 security rules to be incorporated
  • 40,000 profile options
  • Setups across Financials, Distribution, Projects & e-business tax modules
  • Accelerated implementation timeline, with rigorous testing through multiple cycles
  • Automation of manual setup migration tasks

Business Situation

There were challenges related to Oracle Setup Migration as a result of the divestiture due to a large set of Validation / Security /Profile Needs. The organization did not have the manpower or the time for manual executions. The need for automation was huge.

Also, variations between the two target instances in terms of differences in Reporting and Functional Currencies, Financial Structures, and Business Processes led to complexities that posed roadblocks to a successful data migration strategy. The transformations and mappings were far more complex than initially anticipated.

Technical Situation

Technically, the biggest challenge that lay ahead was the 8,000 cross-validations, 10,000 security rules & 40,000 profile options that were mandated by the organization. This meant that an agile method had to be adopted, wherein the emphasis was on continuous improvement. 

The accelerated timelines meant that a flexible & robust platform was central to this project’s success.

ChainSys tools dataZap was configured for repetitive use in multiple instances and multiple test cycles.


dataZap’s preconfigured templates automated extraction of Setups directly from the Oracle EBS source system and also allowed for the thousands of validations, security rules, profile options & data transformations to be incorporated within the tool. 

A Gold Setup hub was created that was used to split the company and generate the Setups for the divested business unit. 

dataZap eliminated programming, was simple to deploy, and enabled the organization to overcome setup migration challenges by creating multiple Setup environments during the conversion process, resulting in an accelerated deployment.



  • Reduced the Setup migration process time by a close to 60%
  • Reliable and repeatable Setup migration process between Test Cycles, with a repeatability factor of 50%
  • Maintained Data Accuracy during multiple Setup migration Iterations, and increased data quality by upto 15%
  • Confirmed/Validated by comparing All Financial Statements
  • Cash flow / P & L / Trial Balance (Customer & Supplier) were reconciled to a 6-sigma confidence

Products and Services Used

dataZap - Pre-Configured Templates & Migration Engine to Extract, Transform, Pre-Validate, Load, Reconcile & Report.


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