Creating a State of the art Cafeteria Management System


Client Overview

The client provides healthy food catering to students, Corporate offices & banquet facilities across the UAE. It has over one hundred outlets in UAE Government offices. Client has been delivering an entirely healthy lifestyle for many years. We’ve finally reached the ultimate mix of food, service, and style with this hands-on experience. Since we aim to impress you beyond all expectations, we’ll help you celebrate your unforgettable event.

Project Scope

This project is to automate the cafeteria management system of all BEAM schools under client's supervision. This automation will help bring state of the art cafeteria management processes to schools and help control and manage the cafeteria operation.

Also, to introduce a pre-order application for parents and kiosk systems for students to make orders, cafeteria supervisors manage the orders.

The scope of the project involves the following modules.

  • Parent Mobile Application for Pre-Ordering (Android & iOS).
  • Kiosk Application for Students to make orders in the cafeteria.
  • Tablet Application for cafeteria Supervisor to manage orders in cafeteria.
  • Announcement TV for the serving area.
  • Admin Application for cafeteria Admin and Supervisor to load cafeteria stock and food menu.
  • Student & Account balance integration with oracle.
  • Reports & Notifications.

Business Situation

  • Businesses used to manually collect the cafeteria orders and deliver them to the kids during school lunch break time. And also, they will load the manual orders into the cafeteria system (Oracle).
  • Business wants to develop a new cafeteria management system with a touch screen kiosk for students and a mobile application for parents to place pre-order food for their kids.
  • They want to avoid the manual order collection system. They develop modern high-class touchscreen-enabled kiosk systems to place a cafeteria order by kids and mobile Applications for the parents to place an order from kindergarten to grade 5.
  • Also, businesses want the touchscreen cafeteria kiosk to their cafeteria supervisors and big announcements TV to display the token status.
  • To track the cafeteria progress, they want a scheduled email report at every end of the day about the food wastage and cafeteria sales information to the appropriate cafeteria head and management team.

Technical Situation

  • They are using the oracle system for their student management and all the financial transactions. To avoid the system load and to consider modern applications (kiosks and mobile apps), they want to go with a standalone system for cafeteria management.
  • Student master data and their financial data need to be synchronized from the oracle system to the new cafeteria management system. The cafeteria system needs to sync back the sales details into oracle for the financing purpose.
  • The Proposed solution using ChainSys Smart App Builder for the custom applications and DataZap for the data synchronization. DataZense is used to create reports and dashboards.


Client Application is a unique tool with which multiple orders can be simultaneously taken from the students at the cafeteria, and it can be seamlessly managed with prompt delivery.

  • Implemented Client Smart Implementation System in the client cafeteria for students’ place orders in the counter kiosk. The cafeteria supervisor processes the placed order via the cafeteria kiosk, order status in announcement TV, admin console to manage inventory than other master setups.
  • Delivered iOS and Android mobile app for parents to place Pre-order for their children.
  • We have automated the data integration from Oracle to the ChainSys platform and vice Versa through the ChainSys platform dataZap tool.
  • Developed & Delivered reports of cafeteria sales, wastage info, cafeteria balance, cafeteria negative balance, pre-order details, and student-wise sales details using Chainsys platform dataZense tool.
  • Configured the email notification to parents to get their child’s low balance info and cafeteria supervisors to get the current day’s wastage reports.
  • Web-based POS platform in the public domain With SonicWALL web security.
  • It is integrated with Oracle EBS and iCampus school platform.
  • Single source of food ordering and delivery options.
  • Deposit, Tax invoice, and Credit memo facility on POS for Corporate customers.
  • KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) functionality for Banquet.
  • 60 + POS user, 3000+ mobile app (IOS & Android) user.
  • Every Working day, more than 12000+ POS transactions.



  • Business process 35% more efficient compare to earlier business
  • 24*7 Pre-order mobile applications, Parents or employees can pre-book the food, and the operation will deliver the same on the desk.
  • Employee deposit and discount feasibility based on Salary bracket.


  • Application live integration with Multi-tier systems like Oracle E-business suite, iCampus & Parent Portal.
  • Family and Student wise KIOSK transaction.
  • Multi-Language (Arabic & English) UI.
  • Kitchen Pre-order food for a week.
  • Kitchen Inventory Management.
  • RFID Card Enablement with Live POS System.

Products and Services Used

Smart App Builder - To create a new web based or mobile based application. To enhance an existing process by customizing or extending applications.

dataZap - Pre-Configured Templates & Migration Engine to Extract, Transform, Pre-Validate, Load, Reconcile & Report.

dataZense - To Visualize, Analyze, Catalog and Scramble Data for Effective Decision Making & Security.


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