Custom Mobile App Developed for C-Suite Executives

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Client Overview

An American, Ohio-based provider of equipment and services for data centers, with a portfolio of power, cooling, and IT infrastructure solutions and services that extends from the cloud to the network’s edge.

A private equity firm acquired a Major Network Power business and a major Thermal management business to form a new venture that is focused on providing services to the critical infrastructure market. 

The client brings together hardware, software, analytics, and ongoing services to enable continuous and optimal running of vital applications for data centers, communication networks, and commercial and industrial facilities.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the client has 20,000 employees and more than 25 manufacturing and assembly facilities around the world. The company has regional headquarters around the world in Maidenhead, England, Bologna, Italy; Miami, Florida; Pasig, Manila, Philippines; Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China; and Mumbai, India.

Project Scope

Data Integration

  • Integrate Planview with Hadoop Data Lake.
  • Profile the data for Integration.
  • Design gold table data model for dashboard and mobile.
  • Design historical data snapshots for the Planview tables.

Data Zense Dashboards

  • Enhance existing Power BI dashboards for Planview.
  • Configure new Power BI dashboards for Planview.

Mobile App Development

  • Build a mobile app to view actual & forecast budget, benefits info.
  • Configure push notifications/ alert when actuals exceed budget/forecast.

Business Situation

The Client is in the midst of enterprise-wide digital transformation, migrating from legacy mainframe applications and disparate on-prem applications inherited from Emerson network power, Liebert energy systems among others to Oracle EBS regionally and Oracle Cloud globally, all while having both legacy and new channel systems operational in a complex hybrid environment across three global regions APAC, The Americas and EMEA.

Technical Situation

The Technical Landscape at the client consists of 30+ heterogeneous applications and are integrated with a Big Data environment which is comprised of three Cloudera Hadoop clusters – Development, Production and Disaster Recovery. The clusters are LDAP, Kerberos, and Sentry configured for authorization and access controls. Reporting is to be performed directly off the Production data lake only (via the Silver and/or Gold layers only) using standard reporting tools.


We first established the Access to the source system (Planview cloud) using DataZap’s REST API connector through Planview’s IQuery service and profiled the data to prepare it for Integration in the Hadoop data lake using dataZap. Once we identified the Planview Data needed for integration with Hadoop Data Lake we created the Data Model needed to build the requested reports to both Enhance Existing Dashboards and feed data to the mobile application for executives. The executive team’s primary requirement is to be View Actual & Forecast Budget, Benefit info, and be notified in real-time if and when the actuals exceed the forecasted budget.  



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Products and Services Used

Smart App Builder - To create a new web based or mobile based application. To enhance an existing process by customizing or extending applications


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