Data Quality, Master Data Governance & SAP Integrations in 12 Weeks

Industrial Manufacturing

Client Overview

Established in 1904, they are world leaders in manufacturing Water heaters and boilers. They have operations in over 150 countries across the USA, UK, EU & Asia.

Project Scope

There are three critical requirements involved in this project:

  1. Get the existing master data clean (Customers, Suppliers, and Materials)
  2. Keep the master data clean (Customers, Suppliers, and Materials)
  3. Establish workflow automation for Master data governance processes

Business Situation

The business users were spending several hours every day on fixing the data problems in their SAP master data. They continually needed support from the IT team to resolve these issues multiple times. The time taken to onboard new master data or make changes to an existing master data became too cumbersome and took over a week.

Technical Situation

They used IBM Infosphere, LSMW, and Winshuttle for data governance and fixing the data problems. Missing Requirements and Data Adjustments for Reporting. Lack of Ownership and integration errors. Data Quality is done frequently for the non-qualified data before enriching them in SAP.


For data quality improvements, we implemented over sixty business rule checks and validations for Vendors. For Customers and Materials, it was over 100 business rules. These are over and beyond the standard SAP Business Rules.

Example: Custom vertex tax calculation for a Customer / Vendor address based on Zipcode. The business workflow configures to qualify the data. Customers using the portal to enter the data and the complex integrations involved between their custom portal and SAP, which processes the data using our Data quality and integration engines of Smart Data Platform.

For Data governance needs, smart workflows were configured with a simple drag and drop interface. The complex request process and data governance processes were successfully implemented in less than 12 weeks.  The entire solution uses dataZen, which provides Data quality management, master data governance, analytical MDM (customer 360, supplier 360, and product 360), and metadata management solutions in a single platform. The data quality problem is no more and master data governance processes improved.

Below are some Key Takeaways.

  • We offered a REST API to be called from the External portal to check data quality.
  • We used the Out of the box Dashboards for Inbound and Outbound data synchronizations.
  • We used the Industrial Manufacturing MDM template for Customers and Suppliers from ChainSys.
  • Bulk Data Enrichment Online and Offline.



  • We benefited from the Agile implementation methodology for our Master data management implementation in less than 12 weeks.
  • The master-data quality health checks help to improve the data quality continually.
  • Our Customer and Vendor onboarding time is less than 24 hrs.
  • Our Customer experience improved with clean master data.
  • We are now processing the customer information entered through our web portal much cleaner and faster than before.
  • The trust in our data within the business users has improved.

Products and Services Used

  1. dataZen for Master Data Quality and Data Governance.
  2. dataZense for Analytics.
  3. Our Data Factory team was involved in this implementation using 100% offshore resources - done in 1/10th of the cost typically involved in an SAP MDM engagement.


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